ACMRS Interdisciplinary Course Listings Fall 2003


Course Title


ARS 498 Multicultural Europe

ARS 591 Multicultural Europe

ARS 494 Museums and Material Culture

ARS 598 Museums and Material Culture


CHI 321 Chinese Literature I


FLA 421 Japanese Literature in Translation


FRE 321 French Literature

FRE 531 Medieval French Literature

FRE 598 ST: 17th Century French Literature


GER 415 German Civilization


HST 101 Global History

HST 102 Western Civilization

HST 103 Western Civilization

HST 106 Asian Civilization

HST 107 Asian Civilizations

HST 200 Early Africa to 1750

HST 202 Birth of the Modern

HST 300 Salem Witch Trials

HST 300 Anti-Semitism

HST 302 History of Medicine

HST 304 Jewish Mysticism

HST 349 Early Middle Ages

HST 350 Later Middle Ages

HST 351 Renaissance Europe

HST 353 Old Regime Europe

HST 361 Witchcraft/Heresy in Europe

HST 366 England to 1689

HST 375 Colonial Latin America

HST 377 Women in Colonial Latin America

HST 387 Japan

HST 405 Colonial American History to 1763

HST 446 Colonial Mexico

HST 590 RC: Pre-Modern Asia

HST 590 RC: British Isles 1689

HST 590 RC: Medieval Europe

HST 590 RC: Early Modern Europe

HST 590 RC: Colonial Latin America

HST 790 RC: British Isles 1689

HST 790 RC: Europe to 1787

HST 790 RC: Colonial Latin America


HUM 301 Humanities/Western World

HUM 301 ST: Medieval Italian Literature

HUM 494 ST: Saints, Mystics, and Martyrs

HUM 494 ST: Intro. Latin Paleography

HUM 598 ST: Intro. Latin Paleography

HUM 598 ST: Medieval/Renais. Paleography

HUM 598 ST: Medieval Italian Literature


ITA 430 ST: Medieval Italian Literature

ITA 443 Italian Renaissance

ITA 598 ST: Medieval Italian Literature


REL 394E Jewish Mysticism

REL 394 XZA Intro to Jewish Philosophy (OL)

REL 405A Devil in W. Thought, Art and Literature

REL 598C Saints, Mystics and Martyrs


RUS 321 Foundations of Russian Literature


SPA 425 Spanish Literature

SPA 429 Mexican Literature

SPA 435 Don Quijote

SPA 473 Spanish Civilization

SPA 598 ST: Golden Age Spanish Drama