MARLA (Medieval and Renaissance Latin America)

Studies of Latin American Culture in the Mesoamerican Late-Classic, Post- Classic, and Andean Middle-Horizon through Colonial Periods

Ryan Kashanipour

Editorial Board:
Rolena Adorno, Yale
Mark Z. Christensen, Assumption College
Paul Firbas, Stony Brook
David Foster, ASU
Carlos Velez-Ibanez, ASU
Angélica Afanador-Pujol, ASU
Michael Schreffler, Notre Dame
Michael E. Smith, ASU
David Tavárez, Vassar

ACMRS (The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies) and Bilingual Press at Arizona State University are embarking upon a new addition to the study of the global Medieval and Renaissance periods with the launch of a series on Medieval and Renaissance Latin America. This series greatly expands the traditional reach of both of those periods beyond the confines of Europe, to include important civilizations that have been heretofore marginalized, or at worst excluded, from that study.

The so-called New World was a repository of medieval hopes and mythologies and also a product of advances in Early Modern European cartography. But Native American civilizations were not simply waiting to be discovered. The peoples of the Americas, and those of Africa who were brought to the Americas, were impacted by European exploration and colonization. They had their own historical trajectories and both alternately adapted to, and were transformed by, the Old World. The Old World, in its turn, was impacted no less profoundly by the Americas. Western thought, economy, and art continue to be transformed due to their interaction with the indigenous and transplanted African cultures of what became known as Spanish and Portuguese America. This new book series on Medieval and Renaissance Latin America focuses on that area as a source of creation, syncretism, historical confrontation and interchange. The late Medieval/Early Modern period in Latin America saw the rise of new nations, heterogeneous in every sense of the word. That intellectual, religious, and artistic fusion embodied a new and vibrant category within the field of what is referred to as “Medieval and Renaissance Studies.” It is that category that the ACMRS and Bilingual Press will explore through their new series on Latin America.

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