Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Jointly directed by ACMRS and the University of Melbourne and published by Brepols, this series covers the historical period in Western and Central Europe from ca. 1300 to ca. 1650. It concentrates on topics of broad cultural, religious, intellectual and literary history. The editors are particularly interested in studies that are distinguished by

  • their broad chronological range;
  • their spanning of time periods such as late medieval, Renaissance, Reformation, early modern;
  • their straddling of national borders and historiographies;
  • their cross-disciplinary approach.

A list of books in the series is available in Brepols’ online catalogue at The Brepols code for the series is LMEMS.

Queries about possible submissions may be sent to any of the series editors.

Editorial Board, ACMRS (2004-2007):

  • Albrecht Classen, UA
  • Anthony Gully, ASU
  • Anne Scott, NAU
  • Juliann Vitullo, ASU
  • Emil Volek, ASU
  • Retha Warnicke, ASU

Editorial Board, University of Melbourne (2004-2007):

  • Megan Cassidy-Welch, Melbourne
  • Jaynie Anderson, Melbourne
  • John Griffith, Melbourne
  • Bill Kent , Monash
  • Bob Gaston, LaTrobe
  • John Cashmere, LaTrobe