Iberian Books of Chivalry in English Translation Series (IBCETS)

Composed mainly in Spanish and Portuguese, the Iberian books of chivalry originated at the end of the fifteenth century and achieved commercial success throughout the sixteenth, when numerous editions belonging mainly to the cycles of Amadis and Palmerin were printed and reissued. This literary corpus soon crossed national and linguistic borders, with editions, translations, and continuations being printed in other European countries and vernaculars. Although this corpus didn’t arrive in England until the 1570s, early modern English readers responded with comparable enthusiasm when these works were published in English translation during the late-sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Unfortunately most of these translations have not been reprinted since the seventeenth century. The Iberian Books of Chivalry in English Translation Series (IBCETS) aims to bring this literary corpus back to life and make it available to twenty-first century readers in reliable critical editions, with thorough textual and explanatory annotation. IBCETS hopes to restore this rich body to the place it once occupied in the book stalls of early modern England –and to the place it deserves in the literary history of England– at a time when English writers started to experiment with the novel form.

IBCETS Editorial Board

Leticia Álvarez-Recio, University of Seville
Alex Davis, University of St Andrews
Claudia Demattè, University of Trento
Helen Moore, Corpus Christi College, Oxford
Donna B. Hamilton, University of Maryland

Forthcoming Titles

Vol. 1
Palmerin d'Oliva: An Edition of the English Translation, ed. Jordi Sánchez Martí. This is an accurate and fully annotated text of the first romance in the Palmerin cycle, which was translated into English (from a French version) by Anthony Munday, who has also been the focus of much critical interest recently.

Vol. 2
The honorable, Pleasant and Rare Conceited Historie of Palmendos (London, 1589), translated into English by Anthony Munday: A Critical Edition ed. Leticia Álvarez-Recio. This is the first critical edition of The honorable, Pleasant and Rare Conceited Historie of Palmendos (London, 1589), translated into English by Anthony Munday (1560-1533) from the French copy of a Spanish original entitled Primaleon de Grecia I (Salamanca, 1512). Palmendos is the second book in the English Palmerin cycle, following Palmerin d'Oliva, also translated by Munday, published only one year earlier.

Vol. 3
Lancelot de Carle's "L'Histoire de la mort d'Anne Bovlenc, Royne d'Angleterre.": A Translation, ed. María Beatriz Hernández-Pérez. This is a critical edition of the first book of Primaleon of Greece, translated by Anthony Munday and published in 1595. This first English translation, which followed a French rendering of an early sixteenth-century Spanish source, was revised by Munday and edited again in 1619. Since then, no other edition of his text has been made.