Other Series & Projects

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: Toronto series is a series co-published with ITER.

Medieval and Renaissance Latin America is a series that greatly expands the traditional reach of both of those periods beyond the confines of Europe.

The Renaissance English Text Society (RETS) is an informal association of scholars who work together to recover and preserve in carefully edited, unmodernized texts significant non-dramatic writings in English (including original works or translations) from the period 1475-1660. In its publication programs, special consideration is given to works that have never been reprinted or, in the case of manuscripts, never printed.

ACMRS Occasional Publications is a new series that will include works that are not necessarily scholarly in nature but have relevance to the teaching and study of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The French of England Translation Series (FRETS) aims to broaden the available range of the French/Anglo-Norman/Anglo-French works of medieval England.

Late Medieval and Early Modern Studies is jointly directed by ACMRS and the University of Melbourne and published by Brepols, this book series covers the historical period in Western and Central Europe from ca. 1300 to ca. 1650. It concentrates on topics of broad cultural, religious, intellectual and literary history.

Medieval Confluences: Studies in the Intellectual History and Comparative History of Ideas of the Medieval World examines comparative medieval and early modern intellectual history and explores the comparative history of ideas in various medieval contexts (Christianity, Islam, Syriac, Coptic, Jewish, Persian, Byzantine, and Indo-Islamic) and the interaction of these traditions.

French Renaissance Texts in Translation (FRENTT), edited by Phillip John Usher, came into official existence to publish quality English translations of Renaissance French texts (c.1480-c.1610) that are also scholarly editions.

Perspectives on Emotions History contains reference works, editions of texts, monographs, and collections of essays that have to do with any aspect of the history of emotions.

East Asia and its Periphery from 200 BCE to 1600 CE

Iberian Books of Chivalry in English Translation Series (IBCETS)

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile (ASMMF) is a project which makes available in microfiche nearly five hundred manuscripts containing Old English.

Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages (ODMA) is a major new reference tool for all key aspects of European history, society, religion, and culture, ca. 500 to ca. 1500. For more information, click here