Laberinto Journal Volume 2 (1998-99)

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The Eloquence of Mercury and the Enchantments of Venus: Humanitas in Botticelli and Cervantes's Don Quijote, II.10
Frederick A. de Armas, The Pennsylvania State University

The Weapons of Spectacle: Song, Dance and Imaginary Identity in Don Gill de las calzas verdes and Le Bourgeous gentilhomme
Thomas P. Finn, Angelo State University

Transfiguring Form: The Poetics of Self, Contradiction and Nonsense in San Juan de la Cruz
Charles D. Presberg, University of Missouri-Columbia

Aquel Señor Muteczuma: La Construcción literaria del Otro en las crónicas mesoamericanas
Silvia Nagy-Zekmi, State University of New York at Albany