Submissions & Call for Papers

Laberinto Journal, Vol. 11

Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2018

Global Studies are an important curricular component of an increasing number of universities in the United States and elsewhere. One concept of “globality” behind this academic category is the study of political, economic, and cultural relations between all parts of the world. Since the so-called Columbian Exchange, the continuous process of inter-continental, -racial, -cultural, and -religious encounters has grown ever more omnipresent and complex, producing today’s discussion of concepts such as “global citizenship.” Here, we call for proposals that embrace early modern culture, arts, politics, and economy as a complex global reality.
Areas of global contact might be related (but not limited) to:

  • Theoretical approaches to the analysis of globality in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
  • The Americas
  • Asia and continuities between Japan, Korea, South East Asian powers, Chinese, Mogul, Safavid, Ottoman, Ethiopian, Portuguese, and Spanish Empires)
  • Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and the Indian Ocean
  • Terra Australis, the Spanish Ocean (Pacific Ocean)
  • The interaction between ideologies of millenarianism, religious universalism, military and capitalist colonialism
  • Italian political powers
  • North African piracy/European corsairs
  • Trading outposts and enterprises
  • Pilgrimage to holy sites such as Rome, Jerusalem, Mecca, etc.
  • Portuguese and Spanish Jesuit padroados
  • Global history and global literature

The selection process will include two peer reviews. Please send your manuscripts in MLA format to Juan Pablo Gil-Osle at for consideration.

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