Early Modern Women Journal Volume 8 (2013)

Household Help: Early Modern Portraits of Female Servants
—Diane Wolfthal

Theorizing Transatlantic Women’s Writing: Imperial Crossings and the Production of Knowledge
—Mónica Díaz and Stephanie Kirk

The Politics of Marriage in Carpaccio’s St. Ursula Cycle
—Elizabeth Rodini

Isabeau of Bavaria, Anne of France, and the History of Female Regency in France
—Tracy Adams and Glenn Rechtschaffen

The Goddess Re-described: Louise Labé’s “Diana” and its Intertexts
—Deborah Lesko Baker

Reimagining Paradise: The Politics of Form in Dorothy Calthorpe’s Garden of Eden
—Michelle M. Dowd

Gender and Civil War Politics in Margaret Cavendish’s “Assaulted and Pursued Chastity”
—Elizabeth Walters

Forum: Revisiting Joan Kelly’s “Did Women Have a Renaissance?”
—Natalie Zemon Davis

“Did Women Have a Renaissance?”: A Medievalist Reads Joan Kelly and Aemilia Lanyer
—Theresa Coletti

Did Children Have a Renaissance?
—Kate Chedgzoy

Did Beguines Have a Late-Medieval Crisis?: Historical Models and Historiographical Martyrs
—Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane

Elisabeth Parr’s Renaissance at the Mid-Tudor Court
—Helen Graham-Matheson

Casting New Molds: The Duchess of Aveiro’s Global Colonial Enterprise (1669–1715)
—Jeanne Gillespie

Women’s Black-Seal Letters in Sixteenth-Century Japan
—Tomoko L. Kitagawa

Exhibition Reviews
Royalists to Romantics: Women Artists from the Louvre, Versailles, and Other French National Collections
—Norma Broude

Television Reviews
The Borgias: The Showtime Series
—Margaret F. Rosenthal

Isabel: The Televisión Española Series
—Barbara F. Weissberger

The Tudors: The Showtime Series
—Retha Warnicke

Book Reviews
Naomi Miller and Naomi Yavneh, Gender and Early Modern Construction of Childhood
—Mary Ellen Lamb

Natasha Korda, Labors Lost: Women’s Work and the Early Modern Stage; Bella Mirabella, ed., Ornamentalism: The Art of Renaissance Accessories
—Pamela S. Hammons

Katherine A. McIver, ed., Wives, Widows, Mistresses, and Nuns in Early Modern Italy: Making the Invisible Visible through Art and Patronage
Sally Ann Hickson, Women, Art, and Architectural Patronage in Renaissance Mantua: Matrons, Mystics, and Monasteries
—Diane Yvonne Ghirardo

Saundra Weddle, ed. and trans., The Chronicle of Le Murate by Sister Giustina Niccolini
—Elissa B. Weaver

Janet Smarr, trans. and ed., Louise-Geneviève Gillot de Sainctonge, Dramatizing Dido, Circe, and Griselda
—Virginia Scott

Susan Broomhall and Jennifer Spinks, eds., Early Modern Women in the Low Countries: Feminizing Sources and Interpretations of the Past
—Martine van Elk

Marjorie Elizabeth Plummer, From Priest’s Whore to Pastor’s Wife: Clerical Marriage and the Process of Reform in the Early German Reformation
—David M. Whitford

Lloyd Strickland, ed. and trans., Leibniz and the Two Sophies: The Philosophical Correspondence
—Barbara Becker-Cantarino

William David Myers, Death and a Maiden: Infanticide and the Tragical History of Grethe Schmidt
—Jason P. Coy

Sherry Velasco, Lesbians in Early Modern Spain
—Lisa Vollendorf

Kevin Donnelly and Sandra Sider, eds. and trans., Cecilia del Nacimiento: Journey of a Mystic Soul in Poetry and Prose
—Evelyn Toft

Elizabeth Rhodes, Dressed to Kill: Death and Meaning in Zayas’s Desengaños
—Encarnación Juárez-Almendros

George Antony Thomas, The Politics and Poetics of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
—Nina M. Scott

Michelle M. Dowd and Thomas Festa, eds., Early Modern Women on the Fall: An Anthology
—Sarah C. E. Ross

Rebecca Laroche and Jennifer Munroe, eds., Ecofeminist Approaches to Early Modernity
—Charles Whitney

Deborah Uman, Women as Translators in Early Modern England
—Belén Bistué

Jane Donawerth, Conversational Rhetoric: The Rise and Fall of a Women’s Tradition, 1600–1900
Katherine R. Larson, Early Modern Women in Conversation
—Marion Wynne-Davies

Donald Stump, Linda Shenk, and Carole Levin, eds., Elizabeth I and the ‘Sovereign Arts’: Essays in Literature, History, and Culture
—Helen Hackett

Akiko Kusunoki, Mary Sidney Wroth: The Woman Who Challenged Shakespeare
—Kimiko Nishimura

Patricia Phillippy, ed., The Writings of an English Sappho: Elizabeth Cooke Hoby Russell
—Sara Jayne Steen

Sarah C. E. Ross, ed., Katherine Austen’s Book M: British Library, Additional Manuscript 4454
—S. J. Wiseman

Reid Barbour and David Norbrook, eds., The Works of Lucy Hutchinson. Volume I (Parts 1 and 2): Translation of Lucretius
—Shannon Miller

Rachel Trubowitz, Nation and Nurture in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
—Diane Purkiss

Penelope Anderson, Friendship’s Shadows: Women’s Friendship and the Politics of Betrayal in England, 1640–1705
—Megan Matchinske

Bernadette Andrea, ed., English Women Staging Islam, 1696–1707
—Ros Ballaster