Early Modern Women Volume 7 (2012)

Sor Juana Fecit: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and the Art of Miniature Painting
Elizabeth Perry

Chaste Painting: Elizabeth Russell’s Theatres of Memory
Patricia Phillippy

Gendered Representations of the Militant Church: Ana Caro’s and Luisa Roldán’s Rhetoric of War and Religion
Elena García-Martín

“She . . . the Choisest out of them Doth Finde”: Multi-material Collage and the Poetics of Restoration in The Sacred Historie
Andrea Crow

Marie de Medici’s 1605 ballet de la reine and the Virtuosic Female Voice
Melinda J. Gough

“True Fire, Noble Flame”: Friendship Poetry by Katharina Lescailje, Cornelia van der Veer, and Katherine Philips
Martine van Elk

Forum: Transculturalisms
Early Modern Women and the Transnational Turn
Merry Wiesner-Hanks

Trans-Eurasian Convergences in Early Modern Women’s Writing
David Porter

American Beauties, or What’s Wrong with this Picture? Paintings and Prints of the Women of Virginia from John White to Joan Blaeu
Ann Rosalind Jones

Boundary Crossings in the Islamic World: Princess Gulbadan as Traveler, Biographer, and Witness to History, 1523–1603
Jyotsna Singh

Lost in Translation: Portraits of Sitti Maani Gioerida della Valle in Baroque Rome
Cristelle Baskins

Transnational Reception and Early Modern Women’s “Lost” Texts
Marie-Louise Coolahan

Women and Kirishitanban Literature: Translation, Gender, and Theology in Early Modern Japan
Haruko Nawata Ward

Exhibition Reviews
Shakespeare’s Sisters: Voices of English and European Women Writers, 1500–1700. Curated by Georgianna Ziegler. Folger Shakespeare Library. 3 February–20 May 2012
Jane Donawerth

Artemisia Gentileschi: Storia di Una Passione. Curated by Roberto Contini and Francesco Solinas. Palazzo Reale, Milan. 22 September 2011–29 January 2012
Valerie Drummond

Go[u]: Himetachi no Sengoku (Depicting the Life of Go[u] and the Other Ladies of the Warring States Period). The Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo. 2 January–20 February, 2011
Hanako Nadehara

Book Reviews
Leigh Whaley, Women and the Practice of Medical Care in Early Modern Europe, 1400–1800
Alisha Rankin

Janel Mueller, ed., Katherine Parr: Complete Works and Correspondence
Elaine V. Beilin

Susan Frye, Pens and Needles: Women’s Textualities in Early Modern England
Heather Wolfe

Susan Felch and Donald Stump, eds., Elizabeth I and her Age: Authoratative Texts, Commentary, and Criticism
Renee Bricker

Kathryn Schwarz, What You Will: Gender, Contract, and Shakespearean Social Space
Miranda Garno Nesler

Sarah Apetrei, Women, Feminism, and Religion in Early Enlightenment England
Willliam E. Smith, III

Cynthia J. Brown, The Queen’s Library: Image-Making at the Court of Anne of Brittany, 1477–1514
Anne Larsen

Erin A. Sadlack, The French Queen’s Letters: Mary Tudor Brandon and the Politics of Marriage in Sixteenth-Century Europe
John Watkins

Leah L. Chang, Into Print: The Production of Female Authorship in Early Modern France
Jane Couchman

William Brooks, ed., P. J. Yarrow, trans., Mademoiselle de Montpensier: Memoirs
Faith E. Beasley

Lewis C. Seifert, and Domna C. Stanton, eds. and trans., Enchanted Eloquence: Fairy Tales by Seventeenth-Century French Women Writers
Theresa Kennedy

Julie D. Campbell, and Maria Galli Stampino, eds., In Dialogue with the Other Voice in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Literary and Social Contexts for Women’s Writing
Pamela Joseph Benson

Nicholas Terpstra, Lost Girls: Sex and Death in Renaissance Florence
Allison Levy

Elissa B. Weaver, ed., Scenes from Italian Convent Life: An Anthology of Convent Theatrical Texts and Contexts
Maria Galli Stampino

Julia K. Dabbs, Life Stories of Women Artists, 1550–1800
Susan Shifrin

Sarah Owens, ed. and trans., Journey of Five Capuchin Nuns; John J. Conley, S. J., Adoration and Annihilation: The Convent Philosophy of Port-Royal; Bryan Givens, Judging Maria de Macedo: A Female Visionary and the Inquisition in Early Modern Portugal
Darcy Donahue

Theresa Earenfight, The King’s Other Body: María of Castile and the Crown of Aragon; Marie A. Kelleher, The Measure of Woman: Law and Female Identity in the Crown of Aragon
Montserrat Piera

María M. Carríon, Subject Stages: Marriage, Theatre, and the Law in Early Modern Spain
Carmela Mattza

Eavan O’Brien, Women in the Prose of Maria de Zayas
Yolanda Gamboa

Lia van Gemert, Hermina Joldersma, Olga van Marion, Dieuwke van der Poel, Riet Schenkeveld-van der Dussen, eds., Women’s Writing from the Low Countries, 1200–1875: A Bilingual Anthology
Frima Fox Hofrichter