Early Modern Women Volume 6 (2011)


Before the Odalisque: Renaissance Representations of Elite Ottoman Women
Heather Madar

The Canonization of Italian Women Writers in Early Modern Britain
Diana Robin

Three Poems by Anne Glover Rhodes: An Edition
J. L. Wilson

Remembering the Mother, Presenting the Stepmother: Portraits of the Early Modern Family in Northern Europe
Lyndan Warner

“The simple fool doth trust / too much before he try”: Isabella Whitney’s Revision of the Female Reader and Lover in The Copy of a Letter
Maggie Ellen Ray

Forum: Early Modern Women and Memory
Lux Aeterna: Commemoration of Women with Candles in the Santa Maria Novella Book of Wax in Fifteenth-Century Florence
Maria DePrano

The Visibility of Early Modern Castilian Noblewomen in Genealogical Narratives: Bilateral Kinship and its Memory within a Patrilineal Society
Carolina Blutrach-Jelín

Love Tokens: Objects as Memory for Plebeian Women in Early Modern England
Jennine Hurl-Eamon

How Gulbadan Remembered: The Book of Humāyūn as an Act of Representation
Rebecca Gould

Female Letter Writing and the Preservation of Family Memory in Early Modern Italy
Megan Moran

Memory in Moulsworth’s “Memorandum”
Robert C. Evans

“Gather up the Fragments, that nothing be lost”: “Memorable” Women’s Conversion Narratives
Rachel Adcock

Remembrance in an Early Modern Woman’s Seduction Lyric
Holly Barbaccia

The Memory of Romance: Love and War in Aphra Behn’s Colonial Virginia
Rebecca Lush

Publications in English in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2007–2010
Karen L. Nelson, with Courtney Connolly and Scott Kamen

The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women 2010 Prize for a Graduate Student Conference Presentation Abstract: Lady Katherine Ranelagh or Lady Margaret Orrery?: Reattributing Authorship for The Boyle Family Receipt Book
Michelle DiMeo

Book Reviews
Julia L. Hairston and Walter Stephens, eds., The Body in Early Modern Italy.
Holly Hurlburt

Sharon T. Strocchia, Nuns and Nunneries in Renaissance Florence
Diana Bullen Presciutti

Patricia H. Labalme. Benjamin G. Kohl, ed., Saints, Women and Humanists in Renaissance Venice
Patricia Lyn Richards

Suzanne G. Cusick, Francesca Caccini at the Medici Court: Music and the Circulation of Power
Thomasin LaMay

Virginia Scott, Women on the Stage in Early Modern France: 1540–1750
Joy Palacios

Christine de Pizan et al. David F. Hult, ed. and trans., Debate of the “Romance of the Rose.” The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe Series
Stephanie Downes

Karen Simroth James, ed., with introduction and notes. Poems trans. by Marta Rijn Finch. Pernette du Guillet, Complete Poems: A Bilingual Edition. The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe (The Toronto Series), Vol. 6
Deborah Lesko Baker

Laura Lunger Knoppers, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Early Modern Women’s Writing
Sarah Kelly

Theresa D. Kemp, Women in the Age of Shakespeare. The Age of Shakespeare Series
Horacio Sierra

Peter C. Herman, Royal Poetrie: Monarchic Verse and the Political Imaginary of Early Modern England
Ambereen Dadabhoy

Peter Beal and Grace Ioppolo, eds., Elizabeth I and the Culture of Writing
Sarah Kelly

Margaret P. Hannay, Mary Sidney, Lady Wroth
Karen Nelson

Mary Ellen Lamb and Karen Bamford, eds., Oral Traditions and Gender in Early Modern Literary Texts
Kristina Lucenko

Sergius Kodera, Disreputable Bodies: Magic, Medicine, and Gender in Renaissance Natural Philosophy
Jasmine Lellock

Daniella Kostroun and Lisa Vollendorf, eds., Women, Religion, and the Atlantic World (1600–1800)
Kate McCarthy-Gilmore

Diane Wolfthal, In and Out of the Marital Bed: Seeing Sex in Renaissance Europe
Lisa Regan

Joseph F. Patrouch, Queen’s Apprentice: Archduchess Elizabeth, Empress María, the Habsburgs, and the Holy Roman Empire, 1554–1569. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions, Vol. 148
Jen Welsh