Early Modern Women Volume 5 (2010)


"Lady without Equal": Lucrezia Paolina, Salvator Rosa, and Feminist Art History
Linda Hults
"The art to desifer the true Caracter of Constancy": Female Silence in Wroth's Urania
Elisa Oh
"This is that I may remember what passing that happened in Waterford": Inscribing the 1641 Rising in the Letters of the Wife of the Mayor of Waterford
Naomi McAreavey
"We shall discover our Selves": Practicing the Mermaid's Law in Margaret Cavendish's The Convent of Pleasure
Tara Pedersen
Rape and Sociopolitical Positioning in the Histoire tragique
Anne E. Duggan

Margaret's Beard
Amy Greenstadt
The Chaste and the Licentious: Female Sexuality and Moral Discourse in Ming and Early Qing China
Weijing Lu
"Be more strange and bold": Kissing Lepers and Female Same-Sex Desire in The Book of Margery Kempe
Jonathan Hsy
Sex, Starch-Houses, and Poking Sticks: Alien Women's Work and the Technologies of Material Culture
Natasha Korda
Rising Above the Injustice: An Abbess Secures Her Identity in Fifteenth-Century Avignon
Whitney Leeson
"Incontinent Practices": Women, Language, and Sexual Crime in Colonial Maine
Abigail Chandler
Single Women and Sex in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Lindsay Moore
Modeling Female Sexuality in Early Modern Letter Books
Ian Moulton
"All the Many and Varied Remedies and Secrets": Sexual Practices and Reproductive Knowledge in the Renaissance
Brian Sandberg
Sex, Astrology, and the Almanacs of Sarah Jinner
Chantelle Thauvette
Making Sexual Knowledge
Valerie Traub

Exhibition Reviews
Exhibition Review: Reasons to Look Back: Judith Leyster, 1609-1660, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, June 21-November 29, 2009
Aneta Georgievska-Shine
Exhibition Review: Pomp and Power: Antoinette Bouzonnet Stella's Entrance of the Emperor Sigismond into Mantua, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, February 5, 2010-August 22, 2010
Sonja hansard Weiner
Publications in German in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2004-2009
Olga Trokhimenko
The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women 2009 Prize for a Graduate Student Conference Presentation Abstract: "The Role of Women's Discourse, Men's Honor, and Domestic Abuse in Marfa de Zayas's The Disenchantments of Love
Horacio Sierra
"Attending to Early Modern Women" Conference 2009: Review by Graduate Students
Amy L. Merritt, Marisha Caswell, Marie Ladino, Nora Lambert, Lara Langer

Book Reviews
Jonathan K. Nelson, ed., Plautilla Nelli (1524-1588): The Painter-Prioress of Renaissance Florence
Julia Dabbs
Mary Wiesner-Hanks, The Marvelous Hairy Girls: The Gonzales Sisters and Their Worlds
Rebecca Lush
Margaret L. King and Albert Rabil, Jr., eds., Teaching Other Voices: Women and Religion in Early Modern Europe
Bo Karen Lee
Rebecca Krug, Reading Families: Women’s Literate Practice in Late Medieval England
Karrie Fuller
Nicholas D. Paige, trans., Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne, Zayde: A Spanish Romance
Javier Irigoyen-Garcia
Rouben Cholakian and Mary Skemp, eds. and trans. Marguerite de Navarre. Selected Writings. A Bilingual Edition
Eve-Alice Roustang-Stoller
Anne J. Cruz and Mihoko Suziki, eds., The Rule of Women in Early Modern Europe
Tim Elston
Jennifer C. Vaught, Masculinity and Emotions in Early Modern English Literature
Anne Wohlcke
Michelle M. Dowd and Julie A. Eckerle, eds., Genre and Women's Life Writing in Early Modern England
Nicky Hallett, ed., Lives of Spirit: English Carmelite Self-Writing of the Early Modern Period
Wendy Weise