Early Modern Women Volume 4 (2009)


Not Just Dutiful Wives and Besotted Ladies: Epistemic Agency in the War Writing of Brilliana Harley and Margaret Cavendish
Joanne H. Wright
A Life in Letters: Argula von Grumbach (1492-1556/7)
Peter Matheson
Body of Empire: Caterina Corner in Venetian History and Iconography
Holly Hurlburt
Anne Bracegirdle on Fire: Historical and Contemporary Performance of a Seventeenth Century Mad Song
Amber Youell

Forum: Early Modern Women and Material Culture
“Monumental Circles” and Material Culture in Early Modern England
Patricia Phillippy
Women and the Material Culture of Foods in Early Modern Germany
Sheilagh Ogilvie, Markus Küpker, and Janine Maegraith
Objects, Ethics, and the Gendering of Sikh Memory
Anne Murphy
“The Secret Chamber and the Other Suspect Places”: Materiality, Space, and the Fall of Catherine Howard
Bradley J. Irish
Music Books of Women: Private Treasures and Personal Revelations
Lisa Urkevich
The Nun’s Crown
Julie Hotchin
Of Guns and Other Weapons in Mary Rowlandson’s Captivity Narrative
Jasmine Lellock
Dressing a Virgin Queen: Court Women, Dress, and Fashioning the Image of England’s Queen Elizabeth I
Catherine L. Howey
Huron and Iroquois Mats
Whitney Leeson
Gifts to the Sisters: Erudition and Material Culture in Family Donations to the Ursulines at Troyes
Caroline R. Sherman
La Chymie for Women: Engaging Chemistry’s Bodies
Sandy Feinstein
“For the Use of Women”: Women and Books of Hours
Virginia Reinburg
Dowering Elite Palestinian Women
Judith Tucker

Reviews and Bibliographies
Exhibition Review: Renaissance Art and Objects
Sheila ffolliott
Website Review: “Women Writers Online” and “The Orlando Project: A History of Women’s Writing in the British Isles”
Erin E. Kelly
Publications in Italian in Early Modern Women’s Studies, 2004-2009
Liliana Leopardi

The Society for the Study of Early Modern Women Graduate Student Prize
Abstract: Mother Sawyer and her “sweet Tom-boy” in The Witch of Edmonton
Sarah Johnson

Book Reviews
Thomasin LaMay, ed., Musical Voices of Early Modern Women: Many-Headed Melodies
Kelley A. Harness, Echoes of Women’s Voices: Music, Art, and Female Patronage in Early Modern Florence
Valeria DeLucca
Anna Klosowska, ed. and trans., Madeleine de l’Aubespine, Selected Poems and Translations: A Bilingual Edition
Leah Chang
Darcy Donahue, ed. and trans., Ana de San Bartolomé: An Autobiography and Other Writings
Horacio Sierra
Rebecca Krug, Reading Families: Women’s Literate Practice in Late Medieval England
Karrie Fuller
Albrecht Classen, The Power of a Woman’s Voice in Medieval and Early Modern Literatures: New Approaches to German and European Women Writers and to Violence Against Women in Premodern Times
Maura Tarnoff
Charles H. Parker and Jerry H. Bentley, eds., Between Modernity and the Middle Ages: Individual and Community in the Early Modern World
Maritere López
Kristen Post Walton, Catholic Queen, Protestant Patriarchy: Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Politics of Gender and Religion
Courtney Thomas
Jennifer C. Vaught, Masculinity and Emotions in Early Modern English Literature
Anne Wohlcke
Kimberly Anne Coles, Religion, Reform, and Women’s Writing in Early Modern England
James Goodrich