Early Modern Women Journal Volume 13.1 (Fall 2018)


Pushing Boundaries: Women, Music, and the Life of Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda, Princess of Eboli
Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita

“Taken Weak in My Outward Man”: The Paradox of the Pathologized Female Prophet
Alexis Butzner

Patronage and the Power of the Pen: The Making of the French Royal Midwife Louise Bourgeois
Bridgette A. Sheridan

Forum: Rethinking Methodologies in Early Modern Women’s Studies

The Case for a Feminist Return to Form
Lara Dodds and Michelle M. Dowd

Digging through the Archive Together: Collaborative Research in Medieval Gender and Jewish History
Alexandra Guerson and Dana Wessell Lightfoot

From Recovery to Restoration: Aphra Behn and Feminist Bibliography
Kate Ozment

A Feminist Picture Atlas: Images of Lactation in Medieval and Early Modern Art
Jutta Sperling

Becoming Visible: Recipes in the Making Rebecca Laroche, Elaine Leong, Jennifer Munroe,
Hillary M. Nunn, Lisa Smith, and Amy L. Tigner

Making Her Turn Around: The Verb-Oriented Method, the Two-Supporter Model, and the Focus on Practice
Maria Ågren

Using Network Analysis to Understand Early Modern Women
Catherine Medici

Studying Early Modern Women Writers: The Digital Humanities Turn
Nieves Baranda

Book Reviews