Early Modern Women Journal Volume 12.1 (Fall 2017)


Pressure to Publish: Laura Terracina and her Editors
Amelia Papworth

Isabel de Borbón and the Governance of the Spanish Monarchy
Alejandra Franganillo Álvarez

The Bizarre Muse: The Literary Persona of Margherita Costa
Jessica Goethals

“Equally Charming, Equally Too Great”: Female Rivalry, Politics, and Opera in Early Eighteenth-Century London
Alison DeSimone


Play, Games, and Performance

The Game of Politics: Catherine de’ Medici and Chess
Susan Broomhall

“We made a blame game of your game”: Jean Desmarets, the Jeu des Reynes Renommées, and the Dame des Reynes
Naomi Lebens

Parlor Games, Spatial Strategy, and The Two Angry Women of Abington
Emma Katherine Atwood

Playing Cards with God: The Visions of the Portuguese Nun, Mariana de Purificação (1623–95)
Joana Serrado

Jeu de dames: A Game for Women in Renaissance Europe
Alex de Voogt and Wim van Mourik

Hazarding for Marriage: John Blagrave’s Lottery for Maidservants
Richelle Munkhoff

Gyno Ludens: Small Work and Play in Everyday Archives
Natasha Korda

Was the Long Eighteenth Century a Golden Age for Women in Sport?: The Cases of Mme Bunel and Alicia Thornton
Peter Radford