Early Modern Women Journal Volume 11.1 (Fall 2016)


The Cloister and the Square: Gender Dynamics in Renaissance Florence
—Mary D. Garrard

Kinship and the Marginalized Consort: Giovanna d’Austria at the Medici Court
—Catherine Ferrari

Literacy and Education among Judeo-conversa Women in Castile, Portugal, and Amsterdam, 1560–1700
—Sara Nalle

Hobby and Craft: Distilling Household Medicine in Eighteenth-Century England
—Katherine Allen


Women and Early Modern Science

Adjusting the Lens: Locating Early Modern Women of Science
—Nina Rattner Gelbart

“Lady Phoenix”: Margaret Cavendish and the Poetics of Palingenesis
—Anne M. Thell

“My Method and Medicines”: Mary Trye, Chemical Physician
—Sara Read

Collecting the World in Her Boudoir: Women and Scientific Amateurism in Eighteenth-Century Paris
—Margaret Carlyle

A Spanish Midwife Appeals to the King: Luisa Rosado’s Challenge to Eighteenth-Century Male Medical Corporatism
—Paloma Moral de Calatrava

Medical Discourse, Women’s Writing, and the “perplexing Form” of Eighteenth-Century Hysteria
—Heather Meek

Networks, Patronage, and Women of Science During the Italian Enlightenment
—Leigh Whaley

Muslim Women and Science: The Search for the “Missing” Actors
—Margaret Gaida