The Eighteenth-Century Novel Volume 8 (2011)

September 2011   •   ISBN: 978-0-404-64658-5   •   Cloth $145.00

Table of Contents


Elizabeth S. Kim, Penelope Aubin’s Novels Reconsidered: The Barbary Captivity Narrative and Christian Ecumenism in Early Eighteenth-Century Britain
Nicholas Seager, Daniel Defoe, the Novel, the Canon, and The Memoirs of Major Alexander Ramkins
Jed Wentz, Roxana’s Dance: The Persuasive Footwork of Defoe’s Fortunate Mistress
Kathleen M. Oliver, Over the Garden Wall: Sarah Fielding’s Ophelia as Critique of Pamela
Regina Martin, Specters of Romance: The Female Quixote and Domestic Fiction
Rebecca Hussey, “The Balance of Sentimental Commerce”: Reading the Economy of Feeling in Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey
Corey Andrews, Men of Feeling: Harley, Sindall, Zeluco, and Robert Burns
William D. Brewer, Charlotte Smith’s Celestina and the Rousseauvian Moral Self
Hilary Teynor Donatini, Moral and Medical Diagnosis in Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda
Sarah Raff, Blame Austen: Janeites, Emma, and the Betrayal of Fanny Knight
Bridget Draxler, Adaptation as Interpretation: Eighteenth-Century Methods in the Twenty-First-Century Classroom

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