The Eighteenth-Century Novel Volume 5 (2006)

December 2006   •   ISBN: 978-0-404-64655-4   •   Cloth $145.00

Essays in Honor of Everett Zimmerman

Susan Spencer, Introduction
Michael Austin, Jesting with the Truth: Figura, Trace, and the Boundaries of Fiction in Robinson Crusoe and Its Sequels
Lisa Zunshine, Caught Unawares by a Benefactor: Embodying the Deserving Object of Charity in the Eighteenth-Century Novel
Emily Allen, Loss Incommensurable: Economies of Imbalance in Mary Robinson’s Walsingham


Janine Barchas, Crusoe’s Struggles with Sexuality
Peter Marbais, Roxana and ‘my Woman, Amy’: Failure of Mutual Recognition in Defoe’s Roxana
Marta Kvande, Jane Barker and Delarivière Manley: Public Women Against the Public Sphere
Stephanie Harzewski, The Fantomina Phenomenon: Eliza Haywood and the Formation of a Heroine
Lincoln Faller, Tales of a Poisoning Female Parricide and a Prostitute Treated “in a Manner Too Shocking to Mention”: Two Criminal Cases and “the Clarissa Effect”
Tony Lee, Allegories of Mentoring: Johnson and Frances Burney’s Cecilia
Essaka Joshua, Charlotte Smith’s Desmond: Romance and the Man of Principle in the Domestic and Public Spheres
Scott Gordon, Reading Quixotes and Quixotic Readers: Teaching Lennox’s Female Quixote

Book Reviews

Rebecca Shapiro, Terry Eagleton, The English Novel: An Introduction
Amy D. Stackhouse, Aphra Behn, The Lover’s Watch or The Art of Making Love
Rima Abunasser, Aphra Behn, Oroonoko
Mariah Adin, Wiep Van Bunge, et al., eds., The Dictionary of Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Dutch Philosophers
Elson Bond, David Wood Sweet, Bodies Politic: Negotiating Race in the American North, 1730–1830
A. S. Coppola, John O’Brien, Harlequin Britain: Pantomime and Entertainment, 1690–1760
Tara Czechowski, Felicity Nussbaum, The Limits of the Human: Fictions of Anomaly, Race, and Gender in the Long Eighteenth Century
Anna Mae Duane, Cathy N. Davidson, Revolution and the Word: The Rise of the Novel in America
Ilse Schrynemakers, Billy G. Smith, ed., Down and Out in Early America
Kit Kincade, Alan Richardson and Debbie Lee, eds., Early Black British Writing: Olaudah Equiano, Mary Prince, and Others
Anne H. Stevens, Paul Goring, The Rhetoric of Sensibility in Eighteenth-Century Culture
Anthony W. Lee, Devoney Looser, British Women Writers and the Writing of History, 1670–1820
Ken Monteith, Donald Davie, A Travelling Man: Eighteenth-Century Bearings
Kathryn Strong, James M. Smith, ed., Two Irish National Tales: Maria Edgeworth’s “Castle Rackrent” and Sydney Owenson’s “The Wild Irish Girl”