The Eighteenth-Century Novel Volume 3 (2003)

November 2003   •   ISBN: 978-0-404-64653-0   •   Cloth $145.00

Table of Contents

Albert J. Rivero, Foreword

Cheryl Nixon, The Surrogate Family Plot in the Annesley Case and Memoirs of an Unfortunate Young Nobleman
Mark Blackwell, “It stood an object of terror and delight”: Sublime Masculinity and the Aesthetics of Disproportion in John Cleland’s Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure
Jennifer Preston Wilson, Clarissa: The Nation Misrul’d
Kay Weeks, Fielding Looks Down: Tom Jones and the Lower Orders
Jodi Wyett, Of Innocence and Experience: Fame, Fortune, and Women’s Intellectual Labor in Frances Brooke’s The Excursion
Jeanine Casler, “Rakes and Races: Art’s Imitation of Life in Frances Burney’s Evelina
Erik Bond, Farewell, Mr. Villars: Cecilia and Frances Burney’s “Inward Monitor“
Beth Swan, Radcliffe’s Inquisition and Eighteenth-Century English Legal Practice
Diane Hoeveler, The Tyranny of Sentimental Form: Wollstonecraft’s Maryand the Gendering of Anxiety
David Wheeler, Jane Austen and the Discourse of Poverty
Anne H. Stevens, Sophia Lee’s Illegitimate History
Albert J. Rivero, Teaching the Eighteenth-Century: “Beginning Grandison

Book Reviews

Elson Bond, Julie Ellison, Cato’s Tears and the Making of Anglo-American Emotion
Margo Collins, Hal Gladfelder, Criminality and Narrative in Eighteenth-Century England: Beyond the Law
Kit Kincaide, Moira Dearnley, Distant Fields: Eighteenth-Century Fictions of Wales
Kathleen Urda, Ann Cline Kelly, Jonathan Swift and Popular Culture: Myth, Media, and the Man