The Eighteenth-Century Novel Volume 2 (2002)

June 2002   •   ISBN: 978-0-404-64652-3   •   Cloth $145.00

Table of Contents

Albert J. Rivero, Foreword

Jacques Sohier, “Moll Flanders and the Rise of the Complete Gentlewoman-Tradeswoman”
Earla Wilputte, “Room to Fable upon”: The History of Charles XII of Sweden in Eliza Haywood’s The Fortunate Foundlings
Kathleen M. Oliver, Clarissa Harlowe and the Language of Dress
Mika Suzuki, Sarah Fielding and Reading
David Paxman, Tom Jones and the Paradox of Moral Purpose
Kevin Berland, The Paradise Garden and the Imaginary East: Alterity and Reflexivity in British Orientalist Romances
Debra Leissner, Smollett Colonizes Scotland: Displacement and Absorption in Humphry Clinker
Joseph F. Bartolomeo, “Tenth-Rate Fiction,” First-Rate Criticism: The Legacy of J. M. S. Tompkins
L. Lynnette Eckersley, The Role of Evelina’s ‘Worthiest Object’ in Frances Burney’s Resistance to Eighteenth-Century Gender Ideology
M. O. Grenby, Orientalism and Propaganda: The Oriental Tale and Popular Politics in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain
Elizabeth Kraft, Encyclopedic Libertinism and 1798: Charlotte Smith’s The Young Philosopher
Elizabeth Dill , The Republican Stepmother: Revolution and Sensibility in Charles Brockden Brown’s Wieland
Emily Hipchen, Accounting for Fanny: ‘this curious inventory’ in Mansfield Park and The Loiterer
Anne Chandler, Wollstonecraft’s Original Stories: Animal Objects and the Subject of Fiction
Eve Tavor Bannet, The ‘Abyss of the Present’ and Women’s Time in Mary Shelley’s The Last Man
Lisa Hopkins, “A Medea, in more senses than the more obvious one”: Motherhood in Mary Shelley’s Lodore and Falkner

Book Reviews

Paulette Scott, Richard A. Rosengarten, Henry Fielding and the Narration of Providence
Paulette Scott, Lance Bertelsen, Henry Fielding at Work: Magistrate, Businessman, Writer
Kit Kincade, Charlotte Smith, The Young Philosopher, edited by Elizabeth Kraft
Kit Kincade, Loraine Fletcher, Charlotte Smith: A Critical Biography
Julie Aipperspach Anderson, William Piper Bowman, Common Courtesy in Eighteenth-Century English Literature
Lori Walk, Brian McCrea, Impotent Fathers: Patriarchy and Demographic Crisis in the Eighteenth-Century Novel