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Thor the Wind-Raiser and the Eyrarland Image

By Perkins

This study takes an interdisciplinary approach to examining the wind god Thor and looks at his various images, such as amulets, figurines, and especially the Eyrarland image.

2001 | 177 + xii pp. | 978-0-903521-52-9 |
$24 |

Three Icelandic Outlaw Sagas. The Saga of Gisli, The Saga of Grettir, The Saga of Hord

Edited by G. Johnston Translated by A. Faulkes

The translation of The Saga of Gisli in this volume was made by George Johnston and first published in Everyman’s University Library in 1963 with Notes and an Introductory Essay by Peter... Read more

2004 | 388 + xxviii pp. | 978-0-903521-66-6 |
$24 |

Two Icelandic Stories: Hreiðars þáttr, Orms þáttr

Edited by Anthony Faulkes
1978 | 168 pp. | 978-0-903521-00-0 |
$10 |

Viking Revaluations: Viking Society Centenary Symposium 14-15 May 1992

Edited by Anthony Faulkes and Richard Perkins
1993 | 216 pp. | 978-0-903521-28-4 |
$18 |

Wagner and the Volsungs: Icelandic Sources of Der Ring des Nibelungen

By Björnsson

This book is a translation of a revised edition, edited by Anthony Faulkes, of Árni Björnsson's Wagner og Volsungar, published in Icelandic in 2000. In it the sources Wagner used in compiling the... Read more

2003 | 296 pp. | 978-0-903521-55-0 |
$24 |