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A History of Norway and the Passion and Miracles of the Blessed Óláfr

Edited by Carl Phelpstead Translated by Devra Kunin

The two works translated in this volume are among the earliest surviving texts from medieval Norway. In addition to their intrinsic value as historical documents providing insights into the period... Read more

2001 | 143 + xlviii pp. | 978-0-903521-48-2 |
$20 |

A New Introduction to Old Norse Part I, II, and III (Discount Set)

By Barnes

This set bundles all three volumes of A New Introduction to Old Norse for a special discounted rate.

See details on the individual volumes here:... Read more

2008 | (3 vols.) pp. |
$48 |

A New Introduction to Old Norse Part I: Grammar, Third Edition

By Barnes

This Grammar is intended for university students with no previous knowledge of Old Norse. It covers considerably more than the essentials, however, and is suitable for study up to first... Read more

2008 | 2008 pp. | 978-0-903521-74-1 |
$20 |

A New Introduction to Old Norse Part II: Reader, Fourth Edition

By Faulkes

The Reader has been expanded by the addition of six new texts. It is designed to be used, alongside the Glossary (NION III), for individual or classroom use. The aim is to... Read more

2007 | 388 + xlii pp. | 978-0-903521-69-7 |
$20 |

A New Introduction to Old Norse Part III: Glossary and Index of Names, Fourth Edition, with Two Supplements

By Michael Faulkes and Michael Barnes

Compiled by Anthony Faulkes and Michael Barnes

Part I, Part II, and Part III are available in a single set for a discounted price.... Read more

2007 | 318 pp. | 978-0-903521-70-3 |
$20 |

Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum: A Twelfth-Century Synoptic History of the Kings of Norway

Edited by M. J. Driscoll

Second Edition
Ágrip is a short ‘synoptic history’, written probably in Norway about 1190, summarising the history of Norway from about 880 to 1136. As an important source for later... Read more

2008 | 126 + xxvi pp. | 978-0-903521-75-8 |
$20 |

Bandamanna saga

Edited by Hallvard Magerøy
1981 | 105 pp. | 978-0-903521-15-4 |
$20 |

Clemens Saga: The Life of St. Clement of Rome

Edited by Helen Carron

Clemens saga presents the Icelandic text with facing English translation and introduction of a Life of St. Clement of Rome (died c. 100), supposed to have been the third successor of St.... Read more

2005 | 56 + xxvii pp. | 978-0-903521-67-3 |
$16 |

Egils Saga

Edited by Bjarni Einarsson

The present edition of Egils saga provides an annotated text of the saga for English-reading students who wish to read the saga in its original language. The volume offers a revised text of the... Read more

2003 | 312 pp. | 978-0-903521-54-3 |
$30 |