Verse Saints’ Lives Written in the French of England

French of England Translation Series (FRETS), Vol. 5

Verse Saints’ Lives Written in the French of England

Translated by Delbert W. Russell
2012 | 230 + xviii pp. | 978-0-86698-479-9 | Hardcover 6 x 9 in
MRTS 431 | $64 | £48 |

Translations of
"Saint Giles" by Guillaume de Berneville
"Saint George" by Simund de Freine
"Saint Faith of Agen" by Simon de Walsingham
"Saint Mary Magdalene" by Guillaume Le Clerc de Normandie

Translation, notes, and introduction by Delbert W. Russell

This volume presents the first full translations of four saints' lives composed in England: Simund de Freine’s pre-dragon Saint George, Guillaume de Berneville’s Saint Giles (the abbot to whom Charlemagne confessed his secret sin); Simon of Walsingham’s Saint Faith (child virgin martyr and subject of a famous relic-theft); Saint Mary Magdalene, often a repentant prostitute but a guardian of fecundity for lay nobility in Guillaume Le Clerc’s version. Substantial introductions, notes, and passages of original text, with detailed analysis and discussion accompany each life. This volume is designed for use in graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in medieval history, literature, religious studies, and visual arts.

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FRETS Series Editors: Thelma Fenster and Jocelyn Wogan-Browne