The Study of Medieval Manuscripts of England: Festschrift in Honor of Richard W. Pfaff

Arizona Studies in the Middle Ages and Renaissance (ASMAR), Vol. 35

The Study of Medieval Manuscripts of England: Festschrift in Honor of Richard W. Pfaff

Edited by George Hardin Brown (Stanford University ) and Linda Ehrsam Voigts (University of Missouri, Kansas City )
2010 | 438 + ix pp. | 978-0-86698-432-4 | Hardcover 6 x 9 in
MRTS 384 | $70 | €60

This book consists of sixteen important studies by widely respected scholars from England and the United States that all deal with manuscripts produced in England in the Middle Ages. The first group of studies reflects the meticulous analysis of liturgical manuscripts that characterize the scholarly career of the honorand. These studies deal with both early and late medieval liturgical concerns and include liturgy for Gilbertine lay brothers, a lost treatise by Amalarius, the re-working of an Anglo-Saxon Gospel book; the music for the Vigil of St. Thomas Becket; and the continuity of Processions from Old Sarum to Salisbury Cathedral. Two other studies involve exhaustive examination of the liturgies having to do with saints in Sarum missals and breviaries.

The second, historical section of this volume includes three studies on Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, the first on Anglo-Saxon priests, the second on annals relating to Wilfrid, and the third on the Old English Boethius and Bede. Six other analyses in this section of the book focus on the high and later Middle Ages: an illuminated crusade manuscript, here newly identified as English rather than Continental illumination; codicological evidence for revising the traditional dates associated with the life and writing of Gilbertus Anglicus; evidence for Bishop William Reed’s, prodigious collection and donation of books to Oxford Colleges in the later fourteenth century; anomalous writings in a sermon codex (parish records, a bona fides document, a papal letter, and three prayers from a votive mass for a pregnant woman); the considerable records of the private incomes of monks at Westminster Abbey; and a catalogue and analysis of medieval English manuscripts containing moral philosophy.


Liturgical Studies

Janet Sorrentino
“Rebellion and Perseverance: The Profession of Lay Brothers in the Order of Sempringham and the Votive Mass for Conversi”

Christopher A. Jones
“A Lost Treatise by Amalarius: New Evidence from the Twelfth Century”

Elizabeth C. Teviotdale
"Pembroke College 302: Abbreviated Gospel Book or Gospel Lectionary?"

Andrew Hughes
“Page Design for the Becket Vigil: Making Something Out of Nothing”

William P. Mahrt
“The Role of Old Sarum in the Processions at Salisbury Cathedral”

Nigel Morgan
“The Sanctorals of Early Sarum Missals and Breviaries, c. 1250-c.1350”

Sherry Reames
“Unexpected Texts for Saints in Some Sarum Breviary Manuscripts”

Historical Studies

Alan Thacker
“Priests and Pastoral Care in Early Anglo-Saxon England”

Joshua A. Westgard
“The Wilfridian Annals in Winchester Cathedral Library, MS 1 and Durham Cathedral Library, MS B. ii. 35”

Joseph Wittig
“The Old English Boethius, the Latin Commentaries, and Bede”

Jaroslav Folda
“The Panorama of the Crusades, 1096 to 1218, as seen in Yates Thompson MS 12 in the British Library”

Rodney Thomson
“William Reed, Bishop of Chichester (d. 1385) --- Bibliophile?”

Michael McVaugh
“Who Was Gilbert the Englishman?”

Barbara F. Harvey
“The Monks of Westminster and the peculium”

Siegfried Wenzel
“Curiosities from a Sermon Book”

Charles F. Briggs
“Moral Philosophy in England after Grosseteste: An ‘Underground’ History”