Rhetoric in the Middle Ages (1974): A Bibliographic Supplement to 2016

Rhetoric in the Middle Ages (1974): A Bibliographic Supplement to 2016

Edited by James J. Murphy
2019 | 176 pp. | 978-0-86698-605-2 | Hardcover 6 x 9 in
MRTS 547 | $66 |

Rhetoric in the Middle Ages: A History of Rhetorical Theory from Saint Augustine to the Renaissance was first published in 1974 by the University of California Press and won the national book award of the Speech Communication Association. It has since been translated into Italian, Spanish, and Polish. In 2001 it, along with its companion anthology, Three Medieval Rhetorical Arts, was reprinted by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS), and remains in print.

In the more than four decades since the book first appeared, a vast number of studies of medieval rhetoric have appeared and the field has advanced enormously. This Bibliographic Supplement allows readers to survey scholarly developments since 1974. It is organized into four chapters following the four sections of the original book: ancient rhetoric and its continuations, ars dictaminis, arts of poetry and prose, and ars praedicandi. Each chapter consists of a bibliographic essay discussing key works since 1974 in context and a bibliography specific to that chapter’s subject.

Table of Contents

James J. Murphy, University of California, Davis

I. Continuities from Ancient to Medieval Rhetoric
Denise Stodola, Kettering University

II. Poesis: The Art of Poetry and Prose in Treatises, Literary Masterpieces, Commentaries, and Classrooms
Douglas Kelly, University of Wisconsin–Madison

III. Ars dictaminis: The Art of Letter-Writing
Morris Tichenor, University of Toronto

IV. Ars praedicandi: The Art of Preaching
Timothy M. Baker, Dartmouth College
Jenny C. Bledsoe, Emory University
Beverly M. Kienzle, Harvard University

James J. Murphy, University of California, Davis