A Collection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 5–66

Private Libraries in Renaissance England (PLRE), Vol. II

A Collection and Catalogue of Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists: PLRE 5–66

Edited by Joseph L. Black and E. S. Leedham-Green
1993 | 320 pp. | 978-0-86698-151-4 | Cloth 6 x 9 in
MRTS 105 |

Out of Print.

PLRE, Volume II

This series provides substantial information about English private libraries compiled from manuscript sources (e.g., account books, wills, probate records), presented in detailed entries, and including summary biographical and bibliographical information for each collection.

Volumes II-VII inventory approximately 9,000 books in the libraries of 166 scholars and privileged persons at Oxford between 1507 and 1653.

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"The whole project is eminently worthwhile, and its completion will be an invaluable factual addition to our knowledge of English intellectual life in the Renaissance." —Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography


"...offers potential every bit as great as the STC." —The Book Collector


"...a pretty bold venture...more volumes of PLRE are eagerly awaited." —Times Literary Supplement


"...by its clear presentation and by its exhaustive indexes will prove to be an invaluable working tool to anyone interested in the history of education, and in the complex interplay between social and intellectual history." —Bibliothèque d'Humanism et Renaissance