Antonia Pulci: Saints Lives and Bible Stories for the Stage, A Bilingual Edition

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe - The Toronto Series, Vol. 7

Antonia Pulci: Saints’ Lives and Bible Stories for the Stage, A Bilingual Edition

Edited by Elissa B. Weaver
Translated by James Wyatt Cook
2010 | 500 pp. | 978-0-7727-2073-3 | Paperback 6 x 9 in
$49.95 |

Chosen in December 2011 as “Translation of the Month” by Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

Edited by Elissa B. Weaver and translated by James Wyatt Cook

This fresh translation of five plays securely authored by Antonia Pulci—one of the first published women writers in Renaissance Florence—reveals this gifted dramatist at her finest. Intended primarily for a convent audience, Pulci’s plays give us a fascinating glimpse into how theatrical expressions of female religiosity were animated by both exemplary female saints’ lives and contemporary debates over marriage and virginity. There is much to recommend in this new bilingual presentation. The translations sparkle; and Weaver’s elegant, erudite introduction and her publication of new archival materials not only enrich the historical record concerning Pulci’s life and works but also set it straight.
—Sharon Strocchia
Professor of History, Emory University