Educational Workshops for Teachers

ACMRS has initiated an exciting new program in local public and private schools: teacher training in the history, literature, and methodology of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The program will enable teachers to use a wealth of folklore from Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia and West Africa, contextualize it in its chronological framework, and most importantly, bring out the value and the fascination of these stories for elementary and intermediate school students.

ACMRS views this as an integral component of its university mission, which sees higher education as an advanced (but by no means final) stage in life-long learning. Training teachers of public schools how to teach the Middle Ages and the Renaissance from the standpoint of all the worlds’ peoples, and from the standpoint of their interaction and its repercussions in contemporary life, is an important extension of higher education at work in the community.

The workshop training consists of a 4-hour session offered in English or Spanish, depending on preference, for teachers of students: ages 6-16. The program has a base price of $100, plus $25 per participant. Workshops can be held at the ACMRS offices on the ASU Tempe campus or at a local educational institution.

If you or someone you know would be interested in this program, please email or call (480) 965-5900.