“The Power of Queens: Eleanor, Matilda, and Guinevere”

Presented by Diane Facinelli

Honors Faculty Fellow, Barrett, The Honors College, ASU

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 at 7:00pm, Changing Hands Bookstore

About the Program
Empress Matilda (Maude) and Queen Eleanor are two fearless queens whose actions helped develop the ideas of queenship in twelfth-century England. History and literature combine to provide contemporary views of these women and attitudes toward the way they wielded their power. To what degree might these historical queens also have affected the depiction of Guinevere during this time period?

About Diane Facinelli
Dr. Diane Facinelli joined the Barrett faculty in 1993 and was promoted to the rank of Principal Lecturer during the first year this position was available at ASU. She also was the first recipient of ASU’s Faculty Achievement Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring and has been a finalist for the Professor of the Year Award.
Dr. Facinelli earned her Ph.D. from Arizona State University in English with an emphasis in Medieval Literature. She serves as an affiliated faculty member of the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and currently is the faculty director of the ACMRS summer program in Oxford, England, where she will be teaching her class on The Arthurian Legend in History, Literature and Art again this coming summer. Her research focuses on the Arthurian Legend and on issues of law and government in Medieval Literature.

Books to read for further information
Helen Castor. She Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth (This book covers both Matilda & Eleanor of Aquitaine)

Marion Meade. Eleanor of Aquitaine: A Biography

For modern fiction:
Ken Follett. Pillars of the Earth (deals with the time of Matilda and The Anarchy, and she is depicted)
James Goldman. The Lion in Winter (play about Henry II & Eleanor)
Jean Plaidy. The Passionate Enemies (Matilda) and The Courts of Love (Eleanor)