Perspectives on Emotions History

Perspectives on Emotions History: A book series published by ACMRS

Co-sponsored by the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Europe 1100-1800 (CHE) and ACMRS, this series will contain reference works, editions of texts, monographs, and collections of essays that have to do with any aspect of the history of emotions. The series will produce one to two volumes per year and will mainly be medieval and Renaissance in focus but can take some books up to 1800. Please send any queries or proposals to either of the series general editors.

Editorial Board

  • Andrew Lynch, CHE (general editor). Email
  • Robert E. Bjork, ACMRS (general editor). Email
  • Joel Gereboff, ACMRS
  • Peter Holbrook, CHE
  • Susan Karant-Nunn, ACMRS
  • Juanita Ruys, CHE