Faculty Spotlight: ACMRS Affiliate Prof. Juan Pablo Gil-Osle

Tirso de Molina (above)

Juan Pablo Gil-Osle, Associate Professor of the School of International Letters and Culture in Arizona State University, will be presenting his new book, Los cigarrales de la privanza y el mecenazgo en Tirso de Molina, in the Complutense University, Madrid. Professor Gil Osle is the editor of the literary-historical journal Laberinto, and his trajectory includes studies of Early Modern and contemporary constructions of the concept of friendship in Western culture. Other participants include Spanish Golden Age authority Fred de Armas, (University of Chicago), whose well-known writings of Calderon de la Barca have focused on analysis of the Greco-Roman motifs which are found in Calderon’s dramas; and Jesus Botello, of Delaware University, whose research includes Lope de Vega’s works as well as his current offering detailing Cervantes’ impact during the epoch of Phillip II.

English Translation of the Book Announcement
The topic of this monograph on Cigarrales de Toledo is the interconnection between representations of male friendship, economic patronage systems, and privado political thought in the first published book by Tirso de Molina. Los cigarrales del mecenazgo is based on archival research and offers an unprecedented study of the Pimentel family’s role in Tirso’s life. It focuses on Tirso de Molina’s most astonishing patron: don Luís Suero de Quiñones y Acuña. Being a relatively poor member of the powerful Pimentel family. He appears both in the images on the cover page of Cigarrales de Toledo, and as a character in the text, while his painting collections became famous in the European art market. The representations of friendship, patronage, and privanza (royal favoritism) are fundamental to the literature of the first half of the seventeenth century; as a whole, they form a powerful tool to analyze the miscellaneous Cigarrales de Toledo as a unit of great importance in Tirso’s literary career.

Spanish Version of the Book Announcement
El tema de Cigarrales del mecenazgo es la relación entre las representaciones de amistad masculina, el sistema económico del mecenazgo y el pensamiento político sobre la privanza en el primer libro publicado por Tirso de Molina, los Cigarrales de Toledo. La confección de los Cigarrales del mecenazgo se ha basado en investigación de archivo que arroja luz sobre el papel de la familia de los Pimenteles en la vida de Tirso. El libro hace un esbozo de la familia de los Señores de Sena, y su más sorprendente mecenas Don Luís Suero de Quiñones y Acuña, además de profundizar en los significados del mecenazgo y la privanza en la producción de arte en tiempos de Felipe III.