"Visionary, Innovator, and . . . Composer? Juliana of Cornillon and the New Feast of Corpus Christi"

Presented by Catherine Saucier
Assistant Professor of Music History, ASU

Eventbrite - "Visionary, Innovator, and . . . Composer? Juliana of Cornillon"

Free and open to the public

About the Program
Through her piety and her visions, Juliana of Cornillon (1192/93-1258) conceived of a new feast devoted to the Eucharist, soon to become the universally observed feast of Corpus Christi. Juliana's theological insight and spirituality is embodied in the texts and melodies she composed, together with her male collaborator, for the first celebrations of this feast in her native Liège (Belgium). The remarkable story of the feast's founding and first celebration come to life in this talk through the images and sounds of Juliana's music

About Catherine Saucier
Catherine Saucier is Assistant Professor of Music History at ASU, affiliate faculty of the ACMRS, and president of the Phoenix Early Music Society. She will be joined by singers from the ASU School of Music.

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