Scholarly Publishing Series - Jessica L Wolfe

Advice from the Editorial Trenches: The Well Placed Article (and Book) - A How To on Publishing in the Twenty-First Century

Wednesday, October 31, 2018
Ross-Blakley Hall Room 196

Professor Wolfe's talk will draw upon her professional and personal experiences as a widely published academic author in the field of Renaissance studies, as a journal editor (of Renaissance Quarterly), as an editorial board member of several other journals including Erudition and the Republic of Letters and Studies in Philology, and as a seasoned reader of article, book mss, and fellowship proposals for a number of journals, presses, and institutions. She will address that elusive quality of "fit" from a number of perspectives, and will provide some practical advice on identifying suitable journals and presses for various kinds of academic research in the humanities. She will provide an overview of the kinds of questions authors should keep in mind when choosing a suitable publication venue - from prestige to audience to digital accessibility - and will provide a glimpse at the adjudication and selection process as seen from the vantage of an editor. Professor Wolfe will conclude with some observations on the future of scholarly journals in the humanities - not so much a set of prophecies but rather a wish list for desired or needed changes over the next decade or two.

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