The Other Caribbean Islands

Revising Antonio Benitez Rojo’s Concept of the Meta-Archipelago and the Role of the Canary Islands in Antillean Identity

ACMRS Ad Hoc Series Lecture & Brown Bag

Xiomara Nuñez Rodriguez
Ph.D. Student in Spanish, ASU

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | 2:00-3:00pm
Lattie F. Coor Hall, room 4403
ASU Tempe Campus
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Eventbrite - The Other Caribbean Islands

In his famous essay 'The Repeating Island: the Caribbean and the Postmodern Perspective', Cuban essayist Antonio Benítez-Rojo suggests the idea of a Caribbean meta-archipelago. Although in it he mentions the Canary Islands, he still considers them from a transatlantic perspective, but not necessarily within his concept of a Caribbean meta-archipelago. In this talk, we will explore how indeed the Canary Islands are inseparable from the Caribbean if we want to embrace an open, postmodern and post-colonialist perspective of the Caribbean's borders, especially when we consider the Hispanic Caribbean. Through economic, ethnic, religious and social relations, identity-based discourses shared their path in both archipelagos, resulting from this complex bond that Canary Islanders are Canary Islanders by virtue of being somewhat 'Caribbean' and that Caribbean peoples are Caribbean by virtue of being somewhat linked to Canary Islanders.

Xiomara Núñez Rodríguez was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), and completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish Language and Literature in Complutense University of Madrid, studying her final year abroad in University College of London thanks to an Erasmus scholarship. Subsequently, Xiomara completed her MA in Latin American Literature in the Complutense. She has published the article "The Other Caribbean islands: Revising Antonio Benitez Rojo’s Concept of the Meta-Archipelago and the Role of the Canary Islands in Antillean Identity" in the ACMRS Newsletter. She has presented in the 1st Spanish Graduate Students Conference in Princeton University, with her work "Luchas de voces: La Autobiografía de Juan Francisco Manzano a través de la misión de Richard Robert Madden" and in the 2nd Gathering on Literary Research of the Young Hispanists’ Association of the Autonomous University of Madrid, with her paper titled “An Approximation of the Image of the Jew in the Literary Production of Borges, Through Borges’ Short Story El Indigno”. Xiomara is currently studying for her PhD in Spanish, emphasizing Spanish-American literature, in the School of International Letters and Cultures of Arizona State University. She specializes in Caribbean literature, focusing particularly on Cuban literature, relations between race and identity, political applications of literary discourses, and the interconnectedness of the Caribbean and the Canary Islands.