"Maria the Prophetess: Mother of Alchemy"

Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Public Programs Series presents:
"Fearless Females: Audacious and Feisty Women of the Middle Ages and Renaissance"
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"Maria the Prophetess: Mother of Alchemy"
Presented by Kirstin Hendrickson
Senior Lecturer, Chemistry & Biochemistry, ASU
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The next ACMRS Fearless Females series program focuses on one of the first female scientists, Maria, the Jewess also referred to as Maria the Prophetissa and Maria, Sister of Moses, whose inventions and designs of equipment are used in laboratories today. Considered the founding mother of Egyptian/Hellenistic alchemy (today’s chemical engineering), references to her appear as far back as ancient texts. She was an alchemist AND an engineer experimenting with chemical reactions (not transmutations); founded an important school of chemistry but her most famous invention outside of the laboratory, the "bain marie" or water bath, is used in kitchens throughout the world today.

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Part XII of the series "Fearless Females: Audacious and Feisty Women of the Middle Ages and Renaissance"

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