Library Con: Guardians of Knowledge

Cosplay | Games | Art | Food | Panels

Saturday, October 15, 2016 @ 12:00-4:00pm
Southeast Regional Library
775 N. Greenfield Road Gilbert, AZ 85234

Featuring Bagwyn Books and "Historical Fiction and the Virtual Worlds of Renaissance Cartography with Dr. Sharonah Fredrick"

During the 15th-18th centuries, world-wide mapmaking entered a new stage: charting not only unexplored geography, but projecting fantasies of each cartographer’s culture on the maps. European, Asian, and North and South Native American charts combined entire belief systems in their portrayal of the world. Each map, in fact, became its own virtual world, a self-contained entity where mythology and religion played as much of a part as geography and sea-lore. Writers of fantasy and historical fiction in many languages adopt the same techniques, creating a sort of autonomous universe, each with its own geography of the mind. This lecture will chart the parallels between historical fiction/fantasy and the visual re-imaginings of the earth which characterized earlier ages of exploration and empire. At the lecture’s conclusion, we will also discuss the issue of historically accurate fiction and writing.

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