Incan & Mayan Mythology

Explaining the World Through Mythology: Tales of Far-Away Lands and Long-Ago Times

Presented by Dr. Sharonah Fredrick, Assistant Director, ACMRS

Thursday, May 19, 2016 at 6:30pm
Southeast Regional Library - Gilbert
775 N. Greenfield Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234
Free and open to the public

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Native American storytelling took on an imperial tendency as civilizations moved south from the Southwest, into the Mexican valley, and across the Pacific into the Andean regions. Preserved forever in the chronicles of the Spanish conquest of Latin America, and loved and performed today in contemporary villages and cities throughout Central America and the Andean nations, are the origin stories of the Incas, warrior children of the Sun; and the Mayas the great astronomers of the Americas who call themselves the People of Corn. We will delve into this rich tradition, meeting the Inca prince Pachacutec who summoned rocks to take on the form of soldiers while he fought the remnants of the Wari Empire; to the Mayan moon goddess Ixchel, patroness of healing and change, and the Jaguar’s multiple incarnations as from midnight sun to soldier and seer.