Guest Lecture - Mission San Xavier Del Bac

The History and Restoration of Mission San Xavier del Bac - Speakers Clague Van Slyke and Craig Reid will discuss the history of Mission San Xavier del Bac and their efforts to restore the Mission known as the White Dove of the Desert, one of the most iconic mission churches in the U.S. Southwest often described as the finest example of Mexican baroque art and architecture in the United States. The mission was founded by Padre Eusebio Kino in 1692 and the church built a century later as a collaboration between Franciscan friars and the surrounding indigenous community. The presentation will touch on the 10,000 year history of indigenous in-habitation of the area, the geopolitical forces that shaped the area and the blending of cultural traditions that continue to this day. This event is free and open to the ASU Community and Public.

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  • Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30PM
  • Location: Lattie F. Coor Hall Room 4403
  • This event is co-sponsored by the ASU Hispanic Research Center and the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

    The Hispanic Research Center (HRC) at ASU is an interdisciplinary unit dedicated to research and creative activities that is university wide but administered through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The HRC performs basic and applied research on a broad range of topics related to Hispanic populations, disseminates research findings to the academic community and the public, engages in creative activities and makes them available generally, and provides public service in areas of importance to Hispanics.