Birdman of Assisi: Art and the Apocalyptic in the Andes

How Art, Religion, Legends and Political Conflict Are Represented in Jaime Lara’s New Book

A Public Symposium presented by
ACMRS, HRC, Bilingual Press, & the Labriola Center
Featuring Jaime Lara, Research Professor, ACMRS and HRC

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 6:00pm
Labriola National American Indian Data Center
2nd Floor, Hayden Library, ASU Tempe Campus

Free and open to the public ~ Refreshments will be served

Eventbrite - Birdman of Assisi: Art and the Apocalyptic in the Andes

Thousands of years of Native American civilizations in the Andes clashed with Spanish Counter-reformation concepts during the 16th-18th centuries. Out of that ceaseless polemic grew some of the greatest painting of the Americas and Europe. The dialogue was and is ongoing, fraught, and filled with artistic and creative vision. Franciscan priests and followers of shamanic traditions of today’s Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia were able to find common ground in their respect for indigenous traditions and rejection of discriminatory policies towards the Native peoples. Jaime Lara will present his new book, in conjunction with ACMRS and the HRC (Hispanic Research Center), and with the Labriola Center of the Hayden Library at ASU. The presentation includes other contributions as well, and will details this unlikely and extraordinary alliance in esthetics, of Andean spiritualists and Spanish Franciscans. The event will stress the book’s contribution in conjunction with current developments in anthropology, and with historical research in the Americas and Spain.