Ad Hoc Lecture in Religious Studies

The Grim Reaper as Religious Icon

Presented by Eric Breault, Graduate Associate, Religious Studies, ASU

Eventbrite - Ad Hoc Lecture in Religious Studies

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 11:00am
Coor Hall, Room 4403
ASU Tempe Campus
Free and open to the public

About the Program
The Grim Reaper is an image derived from a collection of ancient Greek, Judaic, biblical, and pseudepigraphical writings and imagery. An analysis of metonyms, material culture, and secondary historical sources associated with personifications of death demonstrate how Christians in medieval Iberia perceived the Grim Reaper as a religious icon.

About Eric Breault
At Arizona State University, Eric is in the Anthropology of Religion Ph.D. track of Religious Studies. His work investigates unofficial folk saints in Latin America with a special focus on Mexican-Catholic folkloric icons that are not recognized by the Vatican, especially La Santa Muerte. This research examines the historical trajectory of how the cult of the saints was brought to the Americas via Spanish conquest, why such folk devotions became pervasive in Latin America, and finally the manner in which these religious practices constitute societies based on a shared sense of meaning unique to the Latin American context.