Ad Hoc Lecture in Medieval Studies

Sancha’s Palace-Monastery Complex: The Rebuilding of the Leonese Community in the Eleventh Century

Presented by Zaellotius Wilson
Graduate Student, Art History, ASU

Eventbrite - Ad Hoc Lecture in Medieval Studies

Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 2:00pm
Coor Hall, Room 4403
ASU Tempe Campus
Free and open to the public

About the Program
Death, the re-interring of royal corpses and dynastic ambition are all encapsulated in the eleventh century building projects of Queen Sancha of Leon. After observing her brother’s untimely death and her sister’s arranged marriage to a barbaric invader, Queen Sancha was compelled to rebuild a collapsing empire. Sancha fused these events integrated the secular and non-secular worlds in prayer and donation to legitimize her and her husband’s claim to the throne. Scholarly neglect has led to the constant misinterpretation of the Basilica of San Isidoro and Sancha’s role in Leonese history. This paper argues that the queen’s strategic manipulation of space and people paradoxically turned the tragic loss of family into a triumph for the kingdom of Castile-Leon.