2016: Fifth Biennial Chaucer Celebration

The ASU Department of English's biennial Chaucer Celebration commemorates the life and work of medieval author Geoffrey Chaucer with events such as film festivals, concerts, performances, and academic discussions.

The Art(s) of Being Geoffrey Chaucer

The Fifth Biennial ASU Chaucer Celebration is co-sponsored by the Division of Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (George Justice, Dean); the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts (Steven Tepper, Dean); the Department of English (Mark Lussier, Chair); the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (Robert Bjork, Director); the School of Film, Dance and Theatre (Stephani Etheridge Woodson, Interim Director); the Institute for Humanities Research (Sally Kitch, Director); and the Arizona State University Libraries (James O’Donnell, University Librarian). For further information, contact the Department of English, tel: 480-965-3168 or Professor Richard Newhauser, Department of English, tel: 480-965-8139, e-mail: [email protected]. Image from Wikimedia Commons: "Geoffrey Chaucer" c. 1800, tempura on canvas by William Blake (1757–1827).