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The history-lovers at featured an article this month about the upcoming ACMRS conference! BY MEDIEVALISTS.NET - JANUARY 27, 2012 "The Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (ACMRS) will be hosting its annual interdisciplinary conference next month, which will bring more than seventy scholars to talk about the sexy side of the Middle Ages. Erotica and the Erotic in the Middle Ages and Renaissance is the the theme for this year's conference, and will include papers such as "The Seamy Side of Camelot", "The Erotic Nature of the Antichrist in 12th and 13th-Century Western Europe", and "Lust-in Beowulf? Grendel's Mother for a Modern Generation". The conference will allow dozens of scholars to speak about the role of sexuality in medieval history and literature. This year's theme was suggested by members of the ACMRS and found widespread support. "Erotica and eroticism are definitely a bit of a risque topic, but one that does not get much press in the middle ages and Renaissance," said Kendra Bruning-TerBeek, Outreach Coordinator for the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. The keynote speaker at the conference is Albrecht Classen of the University of Arizona, who will be giving a paper entitled "The Erotic and the Quest for Happiness in the Middle Ages: What Everybody Does and Hardly Anyone Truly Achieves." Bruning-TerBeek added that "he is one of the world-renowned experts on the topics of erotica and the erotic in the middle ages and Renaissance, not to mention that he is one of our faculty affiliates at the University of Arizona." Erotica and the Erotic in the Middle Ages and Renaissance will be held from February 16-18th at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel in Tempe, Arizona." Click here to read the article on Link to Article
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