Friends of ACMRS

Will you invest in the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies?

ACMRS is asking you to help leave a legacy and further our educational mission of enriching the public and the university with knowledge about the Medieval and Renaissance periods on a global scale. When you invest in ACMRS, you help to enable us to enhance academic programs and engage the public and faculty. It will also contribute to furthering multidisciplinary co-operation among scholars of diverse institutions and cultures. Your generosity is much appreciated and strengthens the community-university bond.

Invest in ACMRS Public Programs

Your support helps us bring the Middle Ages and Renaissance to the local community! These programs like "Fearless Females: Audacious and Feisty Women of the Middle Ages and Renaissance," Scholar Series, Global Mythology Series, History of Emotions Series, Political Shakespeares Series, ACMRS Annual Conference, Traveling Classroom Project, and Educational Workshops for Teachers make a huge impact in the community and in the future of education in Arizona.

Invest in ACMRS Publications

Your support helps us publish both scholarly books and historical fiction novels! These publishing endeavors help to promote local authors and artists that we work with. Your assistance will enable us to publish more books and employ ASU students, giving them invaluable experience for the future. Support ACMRS Publications such as Medieval and Renaissance Texts and Studies, Bagwyn Books: Historical Fiction of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Early Modern Women Journal, and many more!

Invest in the ACMRS Community Council

We want to hear from you! The ACMRS Community Council was established to create a group of leaders in the community who can advise the Director of ACMRS on programs, fundraising activities, and other matters that further the central mission of ACMRS of promoting in Arizona the study and appreciation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Each year, the Community Council awards its Community Council Doctoral Research Abroad Scholarship, which gives one or more doctoral students in Arizona a $5,000 scholarship to conduct their research abroad.