Community Council Doctoral Research Abroad Scholarship

The ACMRS Community Council will make a minimum of $1000 per council member available to support doctoral research abroad. It proposes to award one award of $5000 in its first year and, if feasible, two awards of $5000 each in its second year to support doctoral students whose research projects would benefit from the study of primary or secondary sources abroad.

The Council will use a portion of its annual funds to host a scholarship gala at which the awardees will present key findings of their research. The first gala is planned for spring 2018. The purpose of this gala is twofold: it will provide an opportunity for the university to present relevant research to the public, and it will serve as a fundraiser. Funds raised through the gala will support the publication of the ACMRS Research Abroad Scholarship recipients’ revised dissertations. The Council will collaborate with ACMRS and University Advancement on the planning and marketing of the gala.

Through this double support – for research abroad and for the publication of doctoral research -, the council members hope to provide enhanced opportunities for research in the global middle ages and early modern period, to increase participation by traditionally underrepresented student groups, to improve early career access to the academic profession, and to further the attractiveness and reputation of humanities research at Arizona State University.

To qualify, applicants have to meet the following requirements:
1. They have to be doctoral students in good standing at Arizona State University.
2. Their doctoral research project can originate from any college or discipline, but it has to treat a topic related to the Middle Ages and/or Renaissance.
3. In keeping with its mission, ACMRS prefers to support research that is global in its outlook and relevant for the understanding of current political, economic, social, cultural, or religious issues. When more than one scholarship is available, at least one scholarship should support a project related to Asia, Africa, or Latin America, provided viable applications were submitted.
4. The intended research trip has to be begun within 18 months of the award of the scholarship. It can be used for ongoing projects, but it cannot be used retroactively to pay for travel or an extended stay that ended before the scholarship award.
5. The award is merit-based; a demonstration of financial need is not required.

Application procedure:

Submit a completed application form

with supporting documents in a separate file to with “ACMRS Community Council scholarship” in the subject line.

Selection process:
1. The selection of awardees shall be made by a committee of tenured or tenure-track faculty in a variety of disciplines. The committee will consist of up to five professors from at least three departments and appointed by the ACMRS director.
2. Applications have to be received by the deadline and be complete to be accepted.
3. The selection committee will choose three finalists for each award. It will then electronically request recommendations from each of the three finalists’ doctoral advisors regarding the student’s ability to carry out the project in the form proposed.
4. The selection committee will determine a finalist for each award, and rank the two runner-up applications, based on the academic quality of their submissions, feasibility of their projects, global relevance, and strength of advisor recommendations,.
5. Should an awardee not be able to accept the award, it shall be offered to the next-ranked finalist. If none of the finalists are able to accept the award, the scholarship shall be advertised as an additional award in the following award cycle.
6. The applications of the awardees shall be shared with the Community Council for their information.

Timeline for each award cycle:
1. Announcement of scholarship competition: February 1
2. Deadline for applications: March 15
3. Deadline for finalist selection: April 15
4. Deadline for advisor recommendations: April 22
5. Announcement of awards: by May 1
6. Research abroad has to be begun no later than 18 months after the award (November 15 the following year)
7. The research presentation at the scholarship gala should ideally occur in the spring after conclusion of the project. The project has to be presented within two years of completing the research abroad, or the student becomes ineligible for the dissertation publication grant. In that case, the runner-up finalist shall become the recipient of the dissertation publication grant.

Dissertation Publication Grant:
1. Awardees become automatically eligible for the publication grant that is awarded at the scholarship gala during which they present provided they present their research there in the stipulated format.
2. The publication grant will be made available when the awardee has presented the ACMRS Community Council with a publication contract for their revised dissertation from a reputable publishing house, along with a recommendation letter from their advisor.
3. The publication grant will be available within five (5) years of receiving the Dissertation Publication Grant. If the student fails to defend their dissertation and find a publisher for it within that timeframe, the award reverts to the ACMRS Community Council account.