Author Questionnaire

Here are some excerpts from the AUTHOR QUESTIONNAIRE that Bagwyn Books requires its contracted authors to complete. These are all good things to keep in mind as a prospective author.

While waiting for a publishing decision from Bagwyn Books, authors can answer these questions:

  • What inspired you to write the book?
  • What bookstores do you shop at?
  • What is your mailing list? Start advertising there.
  • Who can we send advance copies to?
  • What groups or organizations might directly market your book?
  • Have you planned any future speaking engagements?
  • Do you have a website?

While waiting for their book to come out, authors can...

  • Develop a social media presence.
  • Write a blurb.
  • Take a good photo for publicity.
  • Work on author bio.
  • Organize email list for book launch.
  • Drop galleys off at local bookstores saying it will be out in 4-5 months
  • Write another book…..

After publishing, authors can...

  • Continue to cultivate a relationship with readers.
  • Do library readings.
  • Identify local media

Contact or (480) 965-8097 with any questions.