Summer Study Abroad Program in Oxford, England

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Program in Residence at Oxford: July 6 - August 10, 2018

Classes in session: July 9 – August 10, 2018

The Oxford Summer Study Abroad program offers interdisciplinary study opportunities in the history and culture of medieval and Renaissance Britain. During the five-week program, students live in residence and attend lectures at St. Michael’s Hall. Courses are taught by faculty from Middlebury-CMRS Oxford, Arizona universities, and universities outside Arizona and include weekly excursions to cathedrals, museums, libraries, plays, or other relevant historical sites and cultural events around England. Apply through the ASU Study Abroad office.

Student Testimonials

"With help from ACMRS and Study Abroad office, I was granted the most amazing opportunity to study at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Oxford. Once arriving, I was completely in love with the city. The people were so kind, the weather was beautiful and the city has such a historic feel, as if you’re being taken back in time. Studying Shakespeare and 14th century literature in England was a wonderful opportunity, I feel as though the program provided a very in depth experience with Shakespeare specifically, and we had a lot of real life experience with what we were reading about. Seeing plays performed live, going to Shakespeare’s home, and seeing cities that had been described was a firsthand experience you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere. The classes and professors were wonderful, I feel as though I gained a great deal of knowledge on things I had very little knowledge of previously. The class trips were a great aspect of the program, it encouraged team building skills between all of the students and we all grew very close because of this program. I would highly recommend this program to anyone, it was a life changing experience and one that I will never forget. It was run very smoothly, the outings were perfectly planned and our group leader was fantastic in making sure we were all very comfortable and enjoyed our time. Being in another country and experiencing cultural differences was an eye-opening experience and was incredibly enlightening, and has encouraged me to pursue traveling after graduation. I couldn’t be happier about my decision to participate in the Oxford Study Abroad program. The classes are wonderful, the cities and landscapes are breathtaking and the friends you make stick with you forever. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity and can’t wait to share my experience with other prospective students.
~Stephanie Tanke

"The best way to describe my study abroad experience at Oxford is a dream come true. Having the opportunity to live in Oxford for five weeks was one of the greatest things I have done. I was so grateful to have been accepted into the program and was open to the great opportunity that was in store for me. Living at St. Michael’s Hall gave me the opportunity to be right in the center of Oxford in walking distance from so many great places such as the other Oxford colleges, the Bodleian library, the Radcliffe Camera, and so many greater places that Oxford has to offer. I was looking forward to exploring the city and luckily had the chance to everyday around the class schedule. I went into the program excited for the opportunity and the memories I would make and had not expected to make as many great friends as I had as well. Although we maintained the same class schedule throughout the program, every week was always a new experience for all of us. Each Thursday we embarked on trips around England in order to get the full experience of our program. One of my favorite excursions was to see Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the famous Globe Theatre in London as it gave us all a chance to see what we were learning in our course truly come to life. Other excursions included a trip to Stonehenge, Shakespeare’s house, Glastonbury Abbey, and so many more amazing places. Not only did I have the chance to learn more about England’s culture with the many great excursions, but I also had the chance to learn from a prestigious Oxford professor along with a wonderful professor from ASU. The lecture hall was steps away from our dorm rooms, along with our study room and common room making it conveniently close for classes. Everything in Oxford was walking distance, making a trip to the grocery or the local farmer’s market a breeze, even just for some tea and scones. Oxford will forever be one of the greatest summers I’ve ever had, and not only will I cherish all the wonderful memories I made but also the amazing friends I made along the way too. This summer was truly an experience like no other and I couldn’t have chosen a better program or place to have spent it than right in the heart of Oxford. I'm forever grateful to ACMRS for not only granting me the Oxford Travel Grant but for also granting me the greatest summer of my life!" ~Molly Silver

"As an aspiring graduate student in the Humanities, the very name of Oxford inspires thoughts of academic excellence. This English major was debating on academic specialization and unsure if pursuit of academia was worthwhile. The opportunity to study at the oldest, and perhaps most reputable, English speaking university in the world put doubts to rest and prodded me in the direction of Early Modernism. The professors were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their subjects, but most importantly they provided the challenge of academic rigor I was hoping to find. Professors Fredrick and Hanna instilled more knowledge and elicited more critical responses from me in five short weeks than the entirety of my tenure at ASU. Where they demanded, they also provided unwavering support if students took the time to seek it.The format of the program is perfectly balanced, offering three consecutive days for lecture and discussion to ensure the coursework is absorbed. The scheduled excursions offered an enriching supplement to study; history should be touched and breathed as much as read. The guest lecturers were excellent, and having Magnus visit with his armory was an experience that heavily influenced the research and formulation of my writing on Chaucer. Having a long weekend left students free to travel a great many of destinations, pursuing rewarding experiences and cultural exchange. Lastly the program director was incredibly dedicated and unwavering in her accessibility and perhaps too helpful than deserving. Expectations were always clearly communicated to students both in regards to study and dormitory behavior. The only negative to the program is its ending. Any student is fortunate to participate in a challenging and influential program."
~Sean Rigsby