FEMINAE: Medieval Women and Gender Index

An index of recent journals, articles, essays, book reviews, and translations

Open access online at http://inpress.lib.uiowa.edu/feminae

What is FEMINAE?

FEMINAE: MEDIEVAL WOMEN AND GENDER INDEX covers journal articles, book reviews, essays in books, and translations about women, sexuality, and gender during the Middle Ages. Because of the explosion of research in Women's Studies during the past two decades, scholars and students interested in women during the Middle Ages find an ever-growing flood of publications.

Identifying relevant works in this mass of material is further complicated by the interdisciplinary nature of much of the scholarship. In order to help researchers find current articles and essays quickly and easily, librarians and scholars began compiling FEMINAE in July 1996.

Features of FEMINAE include:

  • Close to 30,000 records
  • 1990-2010+, current publication year when completed
  • 500+ journals and many individual essays
  • Links to local library holdings
  • Publications in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Time Period 450-1500 CE
  • Geographic range: Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East

Use the Advanced Search page to find material by:

  • Century
  • Geographic Area
  • Illustration
  • Primary Source
  • Publication Source

Authors who find their articles indexed in FEMINAE are encouraged to send abstracts (100-125 words) to the editor: [email protected] for inclusion in the database. The editor and advisory board members welcome comments and questions.

Feminae is supported by the libaries of Haverford College and the University of Iowa.