Research Resources for Medievalists in Hungary

Zsolt Hunyadi, Central European University in Budapest

An overview:

This booklet contains an overview of research resources for medievalists in Hungary and the handbooks needed for finding one's way through them. It concentrates on the written sources, both archival and manuscript materials, and the electronic resources, also primarily referring to the written evidence. Additional information on monuments and archaeological sites can also be found or gained from the main reference works listed at the end of this booklet.

Because of the nature of handbooks and inventories, it may not be always a major handicap that most of them are written in Hungarian, as their lists, numbers, notes, etc. are accessible to the reader without linguistic skills. It is regrettable that the major calendars (regesta) were published in Magyar (instead of in Latin or a Western European language), but they can also be perused with a bit of effort, considering that the regests are usually rather stereotypic, listing grantor, grantee, placenames, dates and names of witnesses.

However, medievalists in Hungary--and especially at the Central European University--are ready to assist colleagues from the English--speaking world in perusing the rich resources of Hungary. Since Latin remained the official language of the country well into modern times, the records are easily accessible to any medievalist.


MOL=Magyar Országos Levéltár (Hungarian National Archives)
BP.=Budapest (as place of publication)

1. Description of archives

Balázs, Péter. Magyarország levéltárai. [Archives of Hungary] Bp., 1983.

Blazovich, László and Veronika Müller, eds. Magyarország levéltárai. [Archives of Hungary] Bp.: Szignatúra, 1996.

Borsa, Iván. "Irattípusok a középkori Magyarországon," [Types of documents in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary] Levéltári Közlemények 1-2 (1993): 27-37.

Borsa, Iván. "A Magyar Országos Levéltár Mohács elotti gyujteményei 1882-1982." [The Antemohacsiana collections of the Hungarian National Archives] Levéltári Közlemények (1982): 3-19.

Borsa, Iván. "A Magyar Országos Levéltár Diplomatikai Levéltára I. A gyujtemény kialakulása." [The collection of original charters of the Hungarian National Archives I. The formation of the collection] Levéltári Közlemények 40 (1969): 289-323.

2. Archival inventories

Borsa, Iván, ed. Magyar Országos Levéltár. A Mohács elotti gyujtemény. [Hungarian National Archives. Collection of pre-Mohács {1526} records] (Levéltári leltárak 54. MOL). Bp.: MOL, 1972.

A Magyar Országos Levéltár fondjainak és állagainak jegyzéke. [The register of fonds and stocks of the collection of the Hungarian National Archives] Vol. 2. Section P-Z. Bp.: MOL, 1974.

Mohács elotti gyujtemény/Collectio Antemohacsiana (Q section), Diplomatikai Levéltár (Dl.1-107692); Total: 108795
The charters incorporated into the collection were taken from: the collection of the MOL (1001-1526); the archives of the Chamber; of the Hungarian and of the Transylvanian Chancellery; of the Treasury; of government offices in Transylvania; charters taken from the archives in Vienna; the so-called Regnicolaris archives; judicial archives; family archives; institutional archives; different collections

Fényképgyujtemény/Collection of photocopies (U section), Diplomatikai Fényképgyujtemény (Df.200000-ca.286000).

Szent Györgyi, Mária, ed. Magyar Országos Levéltár. A Diplomatikai Fényképgyujtemény. [Hungarian National Archives. The collection of photocopies] (Levéltári leltárak 80. MOL). Bp.: MOL, 1983.
- 84931 items, 327905 photos, 135078 chronological reference cards

Veres, Miklós, Lajos Nagy, Klára Dóka, eds. A magyarországi egyházi levéltárak fondjegyzékei. [A catalogue of ecclesiastical archives in Hungary] 4 vols. Bp., 1976-1987.

3. Publication of records

Benda, Kálmán. "A magyar történeti forráskiadás múltja." [Past of the source-edition in Hungary] In A magyar történettudomány kézikönyve. Bp.: Könyvértékesíto Vállalat, 1987.
- the author lists the major source publications and undertakings

Draskóczy, István and István Soós. "Középkori oklevélpublikációk Magyarországon 1945-1990 között." [Medieval charter-publications in Hungary between 1945-1990] Levéltári Közlemények (1990): 9-55.

Kosáry, Domokos, ed. Bevezetés Magyarország történetének forrásaiba és irodalmába. [Introduction to the sources and literature of the history of Hungary] 3 vols. Bp.: Tankönyvkiadó, 1951-1958., 1970.

Hungarian National Archives (MOL), Collectio Antemohacsiana
Address: 1014 Budapest, Bécsi kapu tér 2-4.
Tel.: (+36 1) 156 5811 Fax: (+36 1) 212 1619

The most important collection of the National Archives is the "Collection of pre-Mohács (i.e. 1526) records." It consists of two parts, the Diplomatics Archives (Dl) which contain all records before 1526 kept by the Hungarian National Archives (MOL), and the Diplomatics Photocopy Collection (Df) which contains the photographs of the medieval Hungarica records kept outside the MOL. These two collections--Dl and Df --include about 318 000 documents.

There are two auxiliary tools at the scholars disposal: I. catalogue card contatining 8 pieces of information of each document (serial number, inventory numer, dating, surviving form, remarks, original number, issuer, seal; II. short extracts (calendars, regesta) of the charter in Hungarian. Part I is fully accessible through the Internet; for the time being 10000 regesta for the period 1438-1453 can be researched from remote hosts.


Municipal Archives of Sopron
Address: 9400 Sopron, Fo tér 1.
Tel.: (+36 99) 312 198

The medieval collection of the Municipal Archives of Sopron is of outstanding importance amongst the Hungarian collections. The Antemohacsiana collection consists of appr. 4000 charters, 311 fragments of codices and 49 of Jewish codices.

Inventory: A Soproni Állami Levéltár fondjainak jegyzéke. Bp.1967.

Archives of County Heves
3300 Eger, Mátyás király út 62.
Tel.: (+36 36) 320 144, 320 164 Fax: (+36 36) 313 762

The Eger chapter acted as a place of authentication from the thirteenth century. 991 medieval charters in the possession of the Archives.

Mohács elotti oklevelek gyujteménye. Eger, 1976.
Árpád-kori oklevelek a Heves megyei levéltárban, Eger, 1997.

Archives of County Vas

9700 Szombathely, Hefele Menyhért u. 1.
Tel./Fax: (+36 94) 313 265

705 medieval charters

Inventory: A Vas Megyei Levéltár fondjainak jegyzéke. Bp.1969.

Archives of County Veszprém

8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 12.
Tel./Fax: (+36 88) 428 411, 428 610

340 medieval charters

Inventory: A veszprémi Állami Levéltár fondjainak jegyzéke. Bp.1973.

Archives of County Zala

8900 Zalaegerszeg, Széchenyi tér 3.
Tel.: (+36 92) 312 794, (+36 92) 314 528 Fax: (+36 92) 316 554

The most important part of the collection is the corpus of 433 charters kept by the Zalavár convent as a place of authentication.

Inventory: Zala Megyei Levéltár fondjainak jegyzéke. Bp.1970.

Archives of the Primate of Hungary and the Esztergom Cathedral Chapter

2500 Esztergom, Mindszenty tér 2.
Tel.: (+36 33) 313 690, 311 288 Fax: (+36 33) 311 085

1. Archives of the Primate of Hungary: 1200 medieval charters
2. Archives of the Esztergom cathedral chapter (place of authentication) 3000 medieval charters

Archiepiscopal Archives of Veszprém and the Archives of Veszprém Cathedral Chapter

8200 Veszprém, Vár u. 16.
Tel.: (+36 80) 311 121

1. Archives of the Bishophric of Veszprém: 693 medieval charters
2. Archives of the Veszprém cathedral chapter (place of authentication) 1073 medieval charters

Inventories: Lukcsics, Pál. "A veszprémi püspöki levéltár." [The Episcopal Archives of Veszprém] Levéltári Közlemények (1931)

Borsa, Iván. "A veszprémi püspökség levéltárának elso jegyzéke 1352-bol." [The first inventory of the Episcopal Archives of Veszprém] Levéltári Közlemények (1942-45)

Lukcsics Pál, "A veszprémi káptalan levéltára" [The archives of the cathedral chapter of Veszprém] Levéltári Közlemények (1930)

Kumorovitz, L. Bernát, ed. Veszprémi regeszták 1301-1387. [Calendars (regesta) from Veszprém. 1301-1387] Bp.: Akadémia Kiadó, 1953.

Archives of the Vasvár-Szombathely Collegiate Chapter

9700 Szombathely, Berzsenyi tér 3.
Tel.: (+36 94) 312 056 Fax: (+36 94) 318 538

276 medieval charters (Diplomatarium (1224-1669))

Archives of the Benedictine Abbey of Pannonhalma

9090 Pannonhalma, Pannonhalmi Foapátság

Some 35 papal, royal and private charters prior to the first half of the13th century; Abbot Uros increased this number with ca. 150 charters. The first register, which attempts to make order in the charter material goes back to the fourteenth century. Among the dependent abbeys Tihany (at Lake Balaton) had the most important archives, containing its 1055 foundation charter and the 1211 costumal/survey.

Literature: Takács, Imre, ed. Mons Sacer 996-1996. Pannonhalma 1000 éve. 3 vols. Pannonhalma, 1996.


*=extracts (regesta), usually in Hungarian

*Anjou-kori oklevéltár. Documenta res Hungaricas tempore regum Andegavensium illustrantia. Praeside Julio Kristó. vols. 1-5., 7-9., 11. Bp.-Szeged: n. p., 1990- (in progress). (HTML version is under construction)

Bak, János M., György Bónis, James Ross Sweeney, eds. The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae 1000-1301. Vol. 1. Bakersfield: Charles Schlacks Jr., 1989.

Bak, János M., Pál Engel, James Ross Sweeney, eds. The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae. 1301-1457. Vol. 2. Salt Lake City: Charles Schlacks Jr., 1992.

Bak, János M., Leslie S. Domonkos, and Paul B. Harvey, Jr. eds. The Laws of the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary. Decreta Regni Mediaevalis Hungariae. 1458-1490. Vol. 3. Los Angeles: Charles Schlacks, 1997.

*Bakács, István. Iratok Pest megye történetéhez. Oklevélregeszták 1002-1437. [Documents to the history of Pest County. Calendars] Bp.: Pest Megyei Levéltár, 1982.

Barabás, Samu, ed. A római szent birodalmi széki Teleki család oklevéltára. [The charters of the Teleki family] 2 vols. Bp., 1895.

Bártfai Szabó, László, ed. Pest megye történetének okleveles emlékei 1002-1599-ig. [Charter documents from the history of Pest county] Bp.: Bártfai Szabó László, 1938.

Bártfai Szabó, László, ed. A Hunt-Paznan nemzetségbeli Forgách család története. [A history of the Forgách family of the Hunt-Pazman kindred] Bp., 1910.

*Borsa, Iván, ed. A Szent-Ivány család levéltára: 1230-1525. [The archives of the Szent-Ivány family: 1230-1525.] Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1988.

*Borsa, Iván, ed. A Balassa család levéltára: 1193-1526. [The archives of the Balassa family: 1193-1526.] Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1990.

*Borsa, Iván, ed. A Justh család levéltára: 1274-1525. [The archives of the Justh family: 1193-1525.] Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1991.

*Borsa, Iván, ed. Az Abaffy család levéltára: 1247-1515. A Dancs család levéltára: 1232-1525. A Hanvay család levéltára: 1216-1525. [The archives of the Abaffy family: 1247-1515. The archives of the Dancs family: 1232-1525. The archives of the Hanvay family: 1216-1525.] Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1993.

Bossányi, Árpád, ed. Regesta supplicationum. 1342-1394. 2 vols. 1916-1918.

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Erdélyi, László and Pongrác Sörös. A pannonhalmi Szent-Benedek-rend története. [A history of the Benedictine Order of Pannonhalma] 12 vols. Bp., 1902-1916.

Eszterházy, János, ed. Az Eszterházy család és oldalágainak leírásához tartozó oklevéltár. [Charters belonging to the history of the Eszterházy family] Bp., 1901.

Fejér, Georgius, ed. Codex diplomaticus Hungariae ecclesiasticus ac civilis. 11 tom. in 43 vols. Buda, 1829-1844. (dated and often unreliable texts)

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Zimmermann, Franz et al., eds. 7 vols. Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte der Deutschen in Siebenbürgen. Hermannstadt-Bukarest, 1892-1991.


1. General

Bartoniek Emma, ed. Codices manu scripti latini. Codices latini medii aevi. Vol. 1. (Catalogus Bibliothecae Musei Nationalis Hungarici XII) Bp.: OSzK, 1940.
-449 codices; items description: material; dating; nos of folios; size; init; binding; indices: names, toponyms, incipit

Csapodi, Csaba, and Klára Csapodiné Gárdonyi, eds. Bibliotheca Hungarica. Kódexek és nyomtatott könyvek Magyarországon 1526 elott. [Codices and printed books in Hungary before 1526.] 3 vols. Bp.: MTAK, 1988-1994.
-Vols. 1-2.: 3419 surviving volumes; Vol. 3.: 3025 lost items
-not complete Hungarica-collection: the list consists of volumes used an/or printed in Hungary

Csapodi, Csaba, and Klára Csapodiné Gárdonyi, eds. Ariadne. A középkori magyarországi irodalom kéziratainak lelohelykatalógusa. [Inventory of manuscripts of the medieval Hungarian literature] Bp.: MTAK, 1995.

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-132 codices
-items: century; author(s); material; columns; size; nos. of folios; fasciculi; binding; handwriting; ornament; scriptor; provenientia; possessor; tempus exarationis; incipit et desinit; contents according to the folios
-catalogue of watermarks; indices: names, incipit

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-FC I/1-2 vols list 546 fragments= 363 liturgical fragments (168 cum cantu+195 sine cantu), 183 misc. (Bible, patristica, universitaria, medical hist.)

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-Vol. 1: 88 items+Vol. 2: 89 items= 177 items (books, fragments, etc.)
-holdings are to be found: OSzK, Budapest, Debrecen, Eger, Esztergom, Gyor, Kalocsa, Pannonhalma, Pápa, Pécs, Szombathely

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-FC II lists 155 fragments=44 cum cantu, 49 sine cantu, 62 "secular" fragments

2. Liturgical and ecclesiastical works

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-198 items in the following order:
1. Libri liturgici manuscripti ad missam pertinentes (sacramentaria, missalia, lectionaria missae)
2. Libri liturgici manuscripti ad officium chori pertinentes (psalteria, breviaria, lectionaria, promptuaria)
3. Libri liturgici manuscripti ad liturgiam sacramentalem pertinentes (pontificalia, libri rituales, ordinarii)
4. Libri musicae sacrae (gradualia, antiphonaria, cantionalia)
-items: identification; present possessor+Arch. nr.; material; size; dating, handwriting; notae, rubrum; figures, ornament,; possessor; provenientia; bibliographia; content according to the folios
-index nominum, rerum et locorum; provenientia codicum (diocesis-urbs-monasterium)

Szendrei, Janka. A magyar középkor hangjegyes forrásai. [The medieval sources of musical notation] Bp., 1981.

3. Bibliotheca Corviniana

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Berkovits, Ilona. Illuminated manuscripts from the Library of Matthias Corvinus. Bp., 1964.

Csapodi, Csaba. The Corvinian Library: History and Stock. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1973.

-1040 items (different reconstructions): works with identified authors; anonymous works, miscellanea; uncertain inforamtory data
-167 authentic Corvinian codices
-codices begun for Matthias or others (Beatrix, Vladislas II): 28 authentic codices
- list of places of preservation (here: Hungary):
Bp., MTA Library: 3 Latin codices; Budapest, University Library: 32 Latin (Cod.Lat1-32.), 1 Greek, 3 Italian codices; Budapest, OSzK: 54 Latin, 1 Greek, 1 Italian codices; 4 incunabula (+19 Latin codices taken from ÖNB, Vienna); Esztergom, Library of Cathedral: 3 codices, 2 incunabula; Esztergom, Municipal Archives: 1 ms; Gyor, Library of the Episcopal Seminary: 3 mss; Gyöngyös, Affiliate Library of the OSzK: 1 incunabulum; Pannonhalma, Library of the Benedictine Abbey: 1 ms; Székesfehérvár, Episcopal Library: 1 incunabulum; Szombathely, Episcopal Library: 1 ms; Veszprém, Archiepiscopal Library: 1 ms

Hellebrant, Árpád, ed. Catalogus librorum saeculo XVo impressorum quotquot in Bibliotheca Academiae litterarum Hungaricae asservantur. Bp., 1886. (466 items)

4. Incunabula

Borsa, Gedeon et al., eds. Régi magyarországi nyomtatványok, 1473-1600. Res litteraria Hungariae vetus operum impressorum. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1971.
-9 items up to 1530

Borsa, Gedeon. "A magyarországi osnyomtatványgyujtemények." [Collections of incunabula in Hungary] In Országos Széchényi Könyvtár Évkönyve 1957. Bp.: OSzK, 1958.

Catalogus incunabulorum Bibliothecae Teleki-Bolyai. Tirgu-Mures, 1971. (70 items)

Fodor, A. and Tünde Wehli. A budapesti Egyetemi Könyvtár osnyomtatvány katalógusa. [A catalogue of incunabula of the University Library] Bp., ms.

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Soltész, E. and G. Sajó, eds. Catalogus incunabulorum quae in bibliothecis publicis Hungariae asservantur. 2 vols. Bp., 1970.

-3550 items=7107 copies in 56 libraries; the first union catalogue of incunabula in Hungary
-50 % is in 3 libraries.; OSzK (1748), MTA (1159), ELTE (1035)
-larger collections: Kalocsa, Székesfehérvár (more than 500); Esztegom, Pannonhalma, Gyor (more than 200 each)
National Széchényi Library (OSzK):1748 copies =1416 editions; The Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA Könyvtár): 1159 copies=994 editions; University Library (ELTE): 1035 copies=892 editions; Library of the Kalocsa Cathedral; 502 copies=479 editions; Episcopal Library, Székesfehérvár: 502 copies=494 editions; Library of the Esztergom Cathedral: 290 copies=283 editions; The Simor Library, Esztergom: 232 copies=216 editions; Central Library of the Benedictine Order, Pannonhalma: 236 copies=229 editions; The Library of the Episcopal Seminary, Gyor: 194 copies=190 editions; The József Bajza Library in the Custody of the National Széchényi Library, Gyöngyös: 202 copies=173 editions; books of the Franciscan friary

Soltész, E., E. Velenczei, Á. W. Salgó, eds. Az Országos Széchényi Könyvtár 16. századi nyomtatványainak katalógusa. [A catalogue of the printed publications from the 16th century in the collection of the Hungarian National Library] Bp., 1990.

Szabó, Károly, ed. Régi magyar könyvtár. 1473-1711./Manuale bibl. impressorum. 3 vols. Bp., 1879-1898.

5. Studies

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Országos Széchényi Könyvtár [National Library]
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Kosáry, Domokos, ed. Bevezetés Magyarország történetének forrásaiba és irodalmába. [Introduction to the sources and literature of the history of Hungary] 3 vols. Bp.: Tankönyvkiadó, 1951-1958., 1970.

Medieval texts (11th-14th centuries)

Dercsényi, Dezso, ed. The Hungarian Illuminated Chronicle. Chronica de gestis Hungarorum. (Facsimile and English translation). Bp.: Corvina: 1969. (and later editions)

Endlicher, László István, ed. Rerum Hungaricarum monumenta Arpadiana. Sangalli, 1849. (still not entirely replaced by new editions)

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Late Medieval and Early Modern Texts

Bibliotheca Scriptorum, Medii Recentisque Aevorum, Series nova. Bp.: Institute of Literary History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences-Renaissance Research Team.

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Hungarian National Archives, (MOL) Collectio Antemohacsiana (up to 1526)
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Municipal Archives of Sopron

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The Eger Archbishopric Collection

Art of Old Hungarian Books: Virtual Exhibition of the Library of JATE University (Szeged).
Thuróczy, János: Chronica Hungarorum (1488), Temesvári, Pelbárt: Sermones Pomerii de sanctis (1499), L'Escluse, Charles de: Rariorum aliquot stirpium (1583), Monoszlói, András: De cultu imaginum (1589), Balassi Bálint-Rimay, János: [Istenes énekek] (1669), Misztótfalusi Kis, Miklós: Szakats mesterségnek könyvetskéje (1698), Trophaeum nobilissimae ac antiquissimae domus Estorasianae (1700), Comenius, Johannes Amos: Orbis sensualium pictus (1728)
See also:

Medieval Kings, Bishops (1097-1301) of Hungary, Europe and the Rest of the World

Lajos Ligeti Oriental Collection - Oriental Books Database, Conferences, Settlement of the Magyars in Hungary

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gopher:// gopher://


Banner, János and Imre Jakabffy. A Közép-Dunamedence régészeti bibliográfiája a legrégebbi idoktol a XI. századig. [A bibliography of the arhaeology of the middle-Danube valley from the most ancient times up to the 11th century] 2 vols. Bp., 1954-1961.

Dercsényi, Dezso and Balázs Dercsényi. Historical Monuments in Hungary. Bp.: Corvina, 1976.

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Laszlovszky, József. Medieval Visegrád. Bp.: Diss.Pann. , 1995.

Magyarország Régészeti Topográfiája [Archaeological Topography of Hungary] Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1970-

Lovag, Zsuzsa and Éva Kovács. Hungarian Coronation Insignia. 2nd ed. Bp.: Corvina, 1992.


(by Béla Zsolt Szakács)

In this chapter we give the major reference books that could help scholars to find relevant visual material concerning medieval Hungary. Topographical works deal with historical monuments without time-limits. The monographs and exhibition catalogues listed below contain the most important visual material with extent literature. Monographs of special subjects are given only exceptionally (e.g. key figures and main centres of medieval Hungarian Art).

1. Topography

Gerecze, Péter. "A muemlékek helyrajzi jegyzéke és irodalma." [Topographical list and literature of historical monuments] In Magyarország muemlékei II, ed., Gyula Forster, Bp., 1906, 1-1413. The only complete list of historical monuments in historical Hungary (which is basically identical with medieval Hungary) without illustration but with complete literature up to 1906.

The most complete documentation with rich photographic material of art and architecture in present day Hungary is to be found in volumes of the Topography of Historical Monuments of Hungary. Eleven volumes have been published until now covering 4 counties entirely, and another one partly of 18 counties, and art collections of a town; and the western part of the capital (Buda).

I. Esztergom muemlékei I. [Art Collections of Esztergom] Bp., 1948.
II. Gyor-Sopron megye muemlékei I. Bp., 1953., 1956.
III. Nógrád megye muemlékei, Bp., 1954
IV. Budapest muemlékei I, Bp., 1955.
V. Pest megye muemlékei I-II, Bp., 1958.
VI. Budapest muemlékei II, Bp., 1962.
VII. Heves megye muemlékei I, Bp., 1969.
VIII. Heves megye muemlékei II, Bp., 1972.
IX. Heves megye muemlékei III, Bp., 1978.
X. Szabolcs-Szatmár megye muemlékei I, Bp., 1986.
XI. Szabolcs-Szatmár megye muemlékei II, Bp., 1987.

Monuments of regions once belonging to medieval Hungary are described in:

Güntherová-Mayerová, Alzbeta, ed. Súpis pamiatok na Slovensku. [List of historical monuments in Slovakia] 3 vols. Bratislava: Obzor, 1967-1969.

Deschmann, Alajos. Kárpátalja muemlékei. [Historical Monuments of Kárpátalja] Bp.: Tájak-Korok-Múzeumok Egyesület, 1990.
Kárpátalja, today part of Ukraine, formed north-eastern part of medieval Hungary. This book is the only topography of the region with introduction, literature, plans, and rich photographic material.

2. Reference books for periods of the Middle Ages

a) Major monographs of certain periods with rich illustration

Gerevich, Tibor. Magyarország románkori emlékei. [Romanesque monuments of Hungary] Bp.: Muemlékek Országos Bizottsága, 1938.
Major reference work of Romanesque art and architecture of Hungary with 264 plates of good quality photos.

Marosi, Erno and Tünde Wehli. Az Árpád-kor muvészeti emlékei - képes atlasz. [Monuments of the Árpád Age {1000-1301} an illustrated atlas] Bp.: Balassi Kiadó, 1997.
A recent summary of Romanesque and Early Gothic art in Hungary with short texts, up-to-date literature, and 193 black-and-white and 35 colour photos.

Marosi, Erno. Die Anfänge der Gotik in Ungarn. Esztergom in der Kunst des 12-13. Jahrhunderts. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1984.
This book is the most important monograph, containing 438 photographs, written on the Early Gothic and Late Romanesque phase of Hungarian art.

Marosi, Erno, ed. Magyarországi muvészet 1300-1470 körül. [Art in Hungary between 1300-1470 ca] (A magyarországi muvészet története II.). 2 vols. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1987.
This is the only medieval volume published in the series of The History of Art in Hungary. The two-volume monograph is the most detailed description of late gothic art in Hungary with some 2000 black-and-white photos.

Dercsényi, Dezso. Nagy Lajos kora. [The Age of King Louis the Great {1342-1382}] Bp.: Királyi Magyar Egyetemi Nyomda, 1941. (Reprint: Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1990.)
A classical monograph on fourteenth century Hungarian art with rich illustration. The reprint edition contains corrections written by E. Marosi. For the same period see also the exhibition catalogue I. Lajos.

Balogh, Jolán. A muvészet Mátyás király udvarában. [Art in the court of King Matthias{1458-1490}] 2 vols. (Sources, Illustration). Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1966.

Balogh, Jolán. Die Anfänge der Renaissance in Ungarn. Matthias Corvinus und die Kunst. Graz: Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität Graz, 1975.

Balogh, Jolán. Mátyás király és a muvészet. [King Matthias and the art] Bp.: Magveto, 1985.
The three major publications of the author offers a rich collection of written and visual sources of the Early Renaissance period in Hungarian art (late 15th century) as well as a monograph published first in German and later in Hungarian with additions.

Gerevich, László. The Art of Buda and Pest in the Middle Ages. Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1971.

b) Exhibition catalogues
Catalogues of the major exhibitions on medieval art in Hungary of the last decades are listed below

Fodor, István, ed. The Ancient Hungarians. Bp.: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, 1996.

Marosi, Erno and Melinda Tóth, eds. Árpád-kori kofaragványok. [Stone carvings of the Árpád Age {1000-1301}] Budapest-Székesfehérvár: MTA Muvészettörténeti Kutató Csoport and István Király Múzeum, 1978. (German summary: pp. 267-351.)

Marosi, Erno, Melinda Tóth, Lívia Varga, eds. Muvészet I. Lajos király korában 1342-1382. [Art in the Age of King Louis the Great 1342-1382] Bp.: MTA Muvészettörténeti Kutató Csoport, 1982. (German summary: pp. 377-399.)

Beke, László, Erno Marosi, Tünde Wehli, eds. Muvészet Zsigmond király korában 1387-1437. I. Tanulmányok, II. Katalógus. [Art in the Age of King Sigismund 1387-1432. Vol. 1.: Articles; Vol. 2.: Catalogue and Summaries], Bp.: MTA Muvészettörténeti Kutató Csoport, 1987. (German summary: Vol. 2: 491-559.)

Matthias Corvinus und die Renaissance in Ungarn. Katalog, Schallaburg. Wien: Amt der Niederösterreichischen Landesregierung, 1982.

Mikó, Árpád and Imre Takács, ed. Pannonia Regia. Muvészet a Dunántúlon 1000-1541. [Art and architecture in Western Hungary 1000-1541.] Bp.: Magyar Nemzeti Galéria, 1994. (German summary: pp. 541-599.)

Biegel, Gerd, ed. Budapest im Mittelalter. (Schriften des Braunschweigischen Landesmuseum 62), Braunschweig: Braunschweigisches Landesmuseum, 1991.

Takács Imre, ed. Mons Sacer 996-1996. Pannonhalma 1000 éve. [Thousand years of Pannonhalma] 3 vols. Pannonhalma: Pannonhalmi Foapátság, 1996.

3. Art historical genres

a) Architecture

Dercsényi, Dezso. Romanesque Architecture in Hungary. Bp.: Magyar Helikon and Corvina, 1975.

Entz, Géza. Gotische Baukunst in Ungarn. Bp.: Magyar Helikon and Corvina, 1976.

Feuerné Tóth, Rózsa. Renaissance Architcktuer in Hungary. Bp.: Magyar Helikon and Corvina, 1981.
These three photographic albums contain 160-200 black-and-white photos, a few plans, introduction, and commentary on the pictures written by leader art historians. All of them were published also in German.

Mencl, Václav. Stredoveká architektúra na Slovensku. [Medieval architecture in Slovakia] Vol. 1. Praha and Prešov, 1937.
A classical monograph on Romanesque architecture in present day Slovakia with many plans. The second volume was never published.

Entz, Géza. Erdély építészete a 11-13. században. [Architecture in Transylvania in the 11-13th Centuries] Kolozsvár: Erdélyi Múzeum Egyesület, 1994. (an earlier version was published in German: Géza Entz. "Die Baukunst Transsilvaniens im 11-13. Jahrhundert," Acta Historiae Artium XIV (1968): 3-48., 127-175.)

Entz, Géza. Erdély építészete a 14-16. században. [Architecture in Transylvania in the 14-16th centuries] Kolozsvár: Erdélyi Múzeum Egyesület, 1996.
The two volumes of G. Entz offer a good introduction, rich source collection in Latin, plans, and photographic documentation of medieval Transylvanian monuments. Both with German and Romanian summaries.

Balogh, Jolán. Az erdélyi renaissance. [Renaissance in Transylvania] Vol. 1., 1460-1541. Kolozsvár, 1943.

Dávid, Katalin. Az Árpád-kori Csanád vármegye muvészeti topográfiája [The Art Topography of Csanád County in the Age of the Árpád Dynasty] (Muvészettörténeti Füzetek 7) Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1974. (English summary: pp. 71-74.)

Valter, Ilona. Romanische Sakralbauten Westpannoniens. (Burgenland Mosaik) Eisenstadt: Roetzer, 1985.
A detailed catalogue with introduction, plans, photos, and literature.

Gervers-Molnár, Vera. A középkori Magyarország rotundái. [Romanesque round churches of medieval Hungary] (Muvészettörténeti Füzetek 4), Bp.: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1972. (English summary: pp. 84-90.)

Haris, Andrea ed. Koldulórendi építészet a középkori Magyarországon. [Architecture of the Mendicant Orders in Medieval Hungary] (Muvészettörténet - Muemlékvédelem VII), Bp.: Országos Muemlékvédelmi Hivatal, 1994.
A collection of essays with many plans and photographs and a very useful index. All the essays have English and German summaries.

b) Stone carving

Lapidarium Hungaricum. Magyarország építészeti töredékeinek gyujteménye. [Collection of architectural fragments of Hungary] (abbreviated as LAHU) The most important collection documents all the architectural carved stone fragments of Hungary. Hitherto three volumes have been published:

1. Feld, István, et al., eds. Általános helyzetkép. [General overview], Bp.: Országos Muemléki Felügyeloség, 1988.
This volume documents all the collections and storehouses where stone carvings can be found in Hungary. (German summary: pp. 431-470.) All the other volumes cover a major monument or (as the forthcoming volumes) a larger region. All the carvings, bearing a special number, are documented completely by drawings and photos, measurements, and literature.

2. Buzás, Gergely. Visegrád, királyi palota I. A kápolna és az északkeleti palota. [Visegrád, Royal palace, Vol. 1., The Chapel and the northeast palace] Bp.: Országos Muemléki Felügyeloség, 1990. (German summary: pp. 281-342.)

3. Bazsó, Gábor. Sopronhorpács, plébániatemplom. [The parish church of Sopronhorpács] Bp.: Országos Muemlékvédelmi Hivatal, 1995. (German summary: pp. 133-149.)

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A research report on the project of a corpus of tombstones which is under development by P. Lovei. The project is near to its completion. The article offers bibliography of the articles already published, partly in English or German. See also: Varga, Lívia and Pál Lovei. "Funerary Art in Medieval Hungary." Acta Historiae Artium XXXV (1990-92): 115-167.

c) Woodcarving and panel painting

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Exhibition catalogue of the recently restored panel paintings of the most important Late Gothic Hungarian master.

d) Frescos

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A selected catalogue with a good introductory essay, many good quality colour and some black-and-white photos.

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A monograph with detailed description and illustration of the major cycles. A revision of this book is in the author's article: Tóth, Melinda. "Falfestészet az Árpád-korban." [Mural painting in the Age of the Árpád dynasty] Ars Hungarica XXIII (1995): 137-153.

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e) Book illumination

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A catalogue of 60 manuscripts of Northern Hungarian provenance with an introduction, and 163, partly colour, photos.

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f) Minor arts

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