Regional Associations

Medieval Academy of America: Committee on Centers and Regional Associations

Regional Associations

Delaware Valley Medieval Association | Illinois Medieval Association | Medieval Association of the Midwest | Medieval Association of the Pacific | Medieval Club of New York | Mediterranean Studies Association | Mid-America Medieval Association | Mid-Hudson Medieval Circle | Midwest Medieval History Conference | New England Medieval Conference| Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association | SMART: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching | Southeastern Medieval Association | TEAMS: Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages | Texas Medieval Association

Delaware Valley Medieval Association


Contact: Geoffrey W. Gust, Secretary
Department of English
Temple University
Anderson Hall, 10th Floor (022-29)
1114 W. Berks St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122-6090

Phone: (215) 204-7823
President: Martha Easton (Seton Hall University)
Vice-President: Dale Kinney (Bryn Mawr College)
Treasurer: Thomas Izbicki (Rutgers University)

Territory: Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania
Number of members: 100
Financial Aid: A $500 travel stipend is available to a member who is a graduate student or independent scholar to help defray travel expenses to present a paper at a conference or conduct research. There is also a $200 award for a Paper Prize winner, who presents their paper at one of the organization’s four conferences.
Conferences: Four meetings a year, at varied locations.
Annual dues: $35; students, $10.
Membership procedure: Contact the Secretary or download application form from website.

Illinois Medieval Association

Executive Secretary: Mark D. Johnston
Department of Modern Languages
802 West Belden Avenue, Suite 315-2
DePaul University
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773-325-1879
Fax: 773-325-7303
President: William Fahrenbach
Vice-President: TBD
Council members: Mark Amos, Ray Clemens, Francine McGregor, Anita Riedinger, Mickey Sweeney, David Wagner, Edward Wheatley
Webmaster: Michael George
Number of members: Approximately 100
Mailing list: Not for sale
Conferences: 2011 Annual meeting: “Representing the Middle Ages or What Did They Mean by That?” 25-26 February 2011, DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois.
Annual dues: Member institutions $100; none for individual membership (registration at annual meeting substitutes for individual membership)
Publications: Essays in Medieval Studies, vols. 1-17 online at; vols. 18 - present at

Medieval Association of the Midwest

Executive Secretary: Kristie A. Bixby
Academic Affairs
Box 13
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS 67260-0013
Phone: 316-978-3735
Fax: 316-978-3739
President: Harriet Hudson
Vice-President: Mickey Sweeney
Council members: Carlos Hawley, Nick Haydock, William Hodapp, Yonsoo Kim, Karla Knutson, Aubri McVey Leung, Samantha Meigs, Edward Risden, Catherine Rock, Stephen Yandell
Co-Editors of Enarratio: Kristen Figg and Mel Storm (ex-officio)
Editor of Nuntia/MAM Webmaster: Matthew Heintzelman (ex-officio)
Convener of Conferences: Alison Ganze Langdon (ex-officio)
Director of The Medieval Institute (Western Michigan University): James Murray (ex-officio)
Number of members: 182 (2010)
Annual dues: regular $25; students and emeriti, $10
Publications: Enarratio: Publications of the Medieval Association of the Midwest (annual journal), Nuntia (biannual newsletter)
Annual meetings: September 30–October 1, 2011, St. Norbert College, De Pere, Wisconsin, “Sacred World, Secular World”; 2012, Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio
Symposia/workshops: Sessions at the yearly International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and yearly Midwest Modern Language Association Convention
Annual budget: Operations: approximately $3,000, with additional support from Wichita State University; Nuntia: $250, with additional support from the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library at St. John’s University; Enarratio: $3,500; Convener of Conferences: $700.

Medieval Association of the Pacific

Contact: Scott Kleinman
Department of English
California State University, Northridge
President: Peter Diehl, Western Washington University
Vice-President: Georgiana Donavin, Westminster College
Treasurer: John Ott, Art History, Portland State University
Secretary/Editor of Chronica: Scott Kleinman, California State University, Northridge
Number of members: 200
Annual dues: Students, $15; Regular, $25
Membership procedure: Members can join online through the MAP web site (
Financial aid: Brenton Travel Award (up to three per year at $400 each); Founders Prize to $500 for the three best student papers presented at the annual meeting.
Publications: Chronica is published annually.
Annual meeting: In the spring, usually in March. The association has a joint meeting with Medieval Academy every three years.
Description: The Medieval Association of the Pacific is a regional organization affiliated with the Medieval Academy of America. The association welcomes membership of students, faculty, and independent scholars working on research in the Middle Ages. Membership is international; there are members in Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand as well as in the United States. The annual meeting hosts papers on a variety of medieval topics, the abstracts of which are published in Chronica. Information about members, including special interest areas, can be found on the MAP web site.

Medieval Club of New York

President: Glenn Burger
Medieval Studies Certificate Program
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10016
Vice-President: Jennifer Brown
Secretary: Valerie Allen
Treasurer: Emily Tai
Territory: Metropolitan New York, including portions of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York
Number of members: 170; mailing list of c. 250
Annual dues: $25
Student dues: $10
Membership procedure: Apply to President, Secretary, or Treasurer
Mailing list: Labels available for $75
Conferences: Session Sponsor at Kalamazoo.
Lectures: 6-7 monthly meetings which are held at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 365 Fifth Avenue, Room 4406. The monthly meetings feature addresses by scholars in various fields of medieval studies. See website for listing of the 2009-10 Lecture series.

Mediterranean Studies Association

Executive Director and Treasurer: Benjamin F. Taggie
PO Box 212
E. Sandwich, MA 02537
Phone: 508-264-4854
Senior Editor and Director: Richard W. Clement
Number of members: 200.
Annual dues: $60.
Membership procedure: Attend annual conference, subscribe to journal, or send in membership form on web site.
Publications: Mediterranean Studies (annual, published by Manchester University Press).
Conferences: Annual international conference (1998 Lisbon, Portugal; 1999 Coimbra, Portugal; 2000 Salvador, Brazil; 2001 Aix-en-Provence, France; 2002 Granada, Spain; 2003 Budapest, Hungary; 2004 Barcelona, Spain; 2005 Messina, Italy; 2006 Genoa, Italy; 2007 Évora, Portugal; 2008 Lüneburg, Germany; 2009 Cagliari, Italy; 2010 Salamanca, Spain; 2011 Corfu, Greece).
Programs: Mediterranean Studies summer program in History, Art History, Art, Italian (undergraduate) at the University of Messina, credit from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth; Nocciano Institute for Art and Culture in Nocciano, Italy for High School students to study art and photography; summer program in Portuguese language and culture at the University of Évora (undergraduate), credit from Évora.
Description: The Mediterranean Studies Association is an interdisciplinary organization that promotes the scholarly study of the Mediterranean region in all aspects and disciplines. It is particularly concerned with the ideas and ideals of western Mediterranean cultures from Late Antiquity to the Enlightenment and their influence beyond these geographical and temporal boundaries.

Mid-America Medieval Association

President: Shona Wray (2008-2009)
Department of History
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64110-1116
Phone: 816-235-2541
Fax: 816-235-5723
Treasure: James S. Falls (1977-Present)
Department of History
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO 64110-1116
Phone: 816-235-2545
Fax: 816-235-5723
Territory: Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma
Annual Dues: $350-400
Membership Procedure: Complete membership card on website, or contact Jim Falls, or register at annual meeting.
Scholarships: Jim Falls Paper Prize, a $100 award for Best Graduate Paper at annual conference. Students who attend and read at the conference can submit their paper for the award. Check website for deadline.
Conferences: Annual meeting is usually the last Saturday in February; the 33rd MAMA Conference will take place Saturday, February 28, 2009, at the University of Missouri-Kansas City; one-page paper abstracts on any medieval topic must be submitted no later than December 10, 2008, to either Shona Kelly Wray or Jim Falls.
Keynote speaker, 33rd conference; Lester K. Little, Dwight W. Morrow Professor Emeritus Smith College.

Mid-Hudson Medieval Circle

Coordinator: Christine M. Reno
Department of French
Vassar College, Box 440
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: 845-437-5719
Fax: 845-437-7025
Number of members: Approximately 30, mostly from mid-Hudson Valley colleges and universities.
Membership procedure: Attend the annual meeting.
Dues: None. Members pay for lunch at the annual meeting.
Conference: Annual meeting. April 2003, at Vassar College, "Christians, Muslims and Jews in the Middle Ages;" 5 papers from colleagues at Vassar, Columbia and New York University. Vassar College's Dean offered $138 to support speakers' lunches and rental of campus building where the meeting was held. Title of 2004 conference, "Medieval Innovations."
Annual budget: Approximately $200.
Description: The group meets once a year in the early fall for papers and lunch. The program is based on a theme, which is often proposed at the previous meeting. Notice of the meeting is sent to appropriate departments between New York City and Albany.

Midwest Medieval History Conference

Secretary: Louis Haas
Peck Hall Room 223
MTSU Box 23
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Phone: 615-898-2536
Treasurer: Martin Arbagi
5562 Joyce Ann Dr.
Dayton, OH 45415
Phone: 937-775-2909; Fax: 937-775-2892
Description: The Midwest Medieval History Conference is an ad hoc group that holds an annual meeting and sponsors 1 or 2 sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo. It has no formal membership or dues. Attendance at the annual meeting has fluctuated in recent years between 40 and 60. The Conference was founded in 1961.
Membership procedure: None. Attendance at the annual meeting confers membership.
Mailing list: Not a membership list as such, but an up-to-date list of about 350 medieval historians in the U.S. and Canada. It is available as a comma-delimited ASCII file. Contact the Treasurer for details.
Conferences: Recent meetings have been held at Wright State University (1994), Northern Illinois University (1995), Washington University (1996), Bradley University (1997), University of Notre Dame (1998); University of Cincinnati (1999).
Annual budget: None. The institution that hosts the annual meeting takes responsibility for such things as the honorarium of the guest speaker.
Financial aid: Subsidy for graduate students who deliver papers at the annual meeting (Friday afternoon has traditionally been devoted to presentations by graduate students). Normally this subsidy consists of free registration for the meeting and is the responsibility of the institution that hosts the meeting.
Fund-raising activities: None at the moment, but this may change. The group has acquired a Taxpayer Identification Number and has applied for listing as a Tax-Exempt Organization with the IRS.

New England Medieval Conference

Secretary: Susan Ward
President: Mary Dockray-Miller (for 2010/2011)
Humanities Program, Lesley College
29 Everett St, Cambridge MA 02138
Vice-President: Sherri Olson
Web-Master: George Dameron
Immediate Past President – Cecilia Gaposchkin
Steering committee:
Mary Dockray-Miller
President (Lesley University); Virginie Greene (Harvard); Valerie Ramseyer (Wellesley); Sarah Stanbury (Holy Cross); Peter Travis (Dartmouth); Joann Pierce (Holy Cross); Eliza Garrison (Middlebury); Cecilia Gaposchkin (Dartmouth); Sean Filed (University of Vermont); Stefano Mula (Middlebury); Veronique Plesch (Colby); Dana Polanichka (Wheaton); Charles Briggs (Independent Scholar); Eustratios Papaioannou
(Brown); Catherine McKenna (Harvard); George Dameron (St Michael's)
Dues: None. Contact the Secretary or President to be placed on the mailing list.
Number of members: ca. 1150.
Conferences: Annual fall conference. 2009, October 30-31; “Law and Justice.” Hosted by Wellesley, Harvard, and Lesley; 2010, November 5-6, hosted by the University of Connecticut; 2011, TBA, hosted by Middlebury

Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association

President: Jefferey H. Taylor
Treasurer: Leslie A. Taylor
Secretary: Ginger Smoak
President Elect: Thomas Klein
Executive Council : Kristin Bezio, Michael Call, Thomas G. Flanigan, Kimberly Klimek, Thomas Klein, Jaime Leaños, Jennifer McNabb,Lisa Myers, Brandon Pearce,, Todd Upton, Michael Walton. Ex-Officio: Jean R. Brink, Paul A. Dietrich, James Fitzmaurice, James H. Forse, Susan Frye, Nancy A. Gutierrez, Francis X. Hartigan, Boyd H. HIll, Jr., Kimberly Johnson, Darin Merrill, Carol Neel, Charles Odahl, Glenn Olsen, Charles R. Smith, Sara Jayne Steen, Paul Thomas, Jane Woodruff
Number of members : Approximately 90
Annual dues: $25 for all membership categories / $30 for Joint Membership
Membership procedure: Contact President, Treasurer or Secretary (or see website).
Publications: The peer-reviewed journal Quidditas is published annually, on-line, at: Editor: James Forse, Department of History, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403. Contact the Editor for submission information ( or see website.
Annual Meeting: Usually in the Spring, between April and June. 45th Annual Conference 11-13 April 2013 in Denver, CO. (see:
Description: The Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association (RMMRA) is a regional association affiliated with the Medieval Academy of America and the Renaissance Society of America. The association welcomes membership of faculty, independent scholars, and students working on research from the Early Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century. Membership is national and international. The annual meeting hosts papers on a variety of Medieval and Renaissance topics. Participants are invited to submit papers for publication in the association journal, Quidditas. Information for members is posted on our website.

SMART: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching

Contact: Kristie A. Bixby, Managing Editor
Academic Affairs
Box 13
Wichita State University
Wichita, KS 67260-0013
Phone: 316-978-3735
Fax: 316-978-3739
Editorial board: Robert Graybill, Robert E. Lovell, David Staines, William F. Woods.
Number of members: 75 (2010)
Annual dues: $20 for individuals; $25 for libraries and centers, $25 for subscriptions outside the U.S.
Membership procedure: Prepayment to SMART, sent to Managing Editor.
Publications: Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching (SMART) (biannual journal)

Southeastern Medieval Association

Secretary-Treasurer: Tom Farrell
Stetson University
English | Unit 8305
421 North Woodland Boulevard
DeLand, Florida 32723
President: Patricia Ward (College of Charleston); Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt) will assume the presidency in October 2011.
Vice-President: Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt).
Territory: Texas to Florida, with membership from all regions.
Number of members: 181
Annual dues: $25
Membership procedure: join through conference registration; or see website; or contact the Secretary-Treasurer.
Publications: Medieval Perspectives (annual).
Conferences: The 2011 annual meeting, hosted by Agness Scott College, will be held Oct. 13-15, 2011, in Decatur, GA. The theme is “Voices of (the) People.”
The 2012 Conference is tentatively scheduled for Gulfport, MS, hosted by the university of Southern Mississippi.

TEAMS: Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages

President: Vickie Ziegler
265 Woodland Dr.
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 814-863-7484

Texas Medieval Association

Executive Secretary: Donald J. Kagay
Dept. of History and Political Science
Albany State University
Albany, GA 31705
Phone: 229-434-4623
President: Beth Barr, Baylor University
First Vice-President: Sally Vaughn, University of Houston
Staff: Edwin Duncan, Towson University, WebMaster;
Newsletter Editor. Kent Hare, Northwestern Louisiana University
Territory: State of Texas.
Number of members: 200.
Annual dues: $15; students, $10.
Membership procedure: Apply to the Executive Secretary.
Mailing list: Available for $50.
Conferences: Annual conference in the fall: Baylor University (2011), University of Houston (2012), , University of Texas at Tyler (2013),
Publications: Mirabilia (newsletter, once a year).