CARA Data Project

The CARA Data Project, which is maintained by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Arizona State University, is a compilation of information on North American centers, programs, committees, libraries, and regional associations. The information contained in it is based on that derived from questionnaires circulated to all CARA members and is updated continually. For complete details on a particular member of CARA, users of this data base will need to get in touch with the person whose name appears at the head of the entry. Where e-mail addresses and web sites are available, the database contains hypertext links to facilitate communications.

  • Appended to the Data Project are links to centers and associations outside North America.
  • CARA members wishing to update their entries should send the information to with a copy to the Medieval Academy of America CARA would like to thank William F. Gentrup and T. Scott Clapp of ACMRS for their diligent work on the Data Project and Laura Blanchard of the University of Pennsylvania for her time and efforts in developing this web page.

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    International Links

    Department of History, Trinity College, University of Dublin

    Dipartimento di Medievistica, University of Pisa

    Korean Society for Western Medieval Society

    Senter for studier i vikingtid og nordisk middelalder, University of Oslo

    Glasgow Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    University of Glasgow programme in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

    Juan Alfonso del Baena, Centro de Documentacion
    Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales (SEEM)

    Svenskt visarkiv (Swedish Centre for Folk Song and Folk Music Research) Viking Heritage

    Centrum för medeltidsstudier at Stokholm University

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    CARA Session: Medieval Resources in Central Europe and the Balkans

    Archival and Manuscript Resources in Hungary

    Research Resources for Medievalists in Hungary

    CARA Session: Archival and Research Resources in Iceland and Scandinavia

    Septentionalia: A Summary Guide to Medieval Archival and Library Holdings in Sweden

    Manuscript Resources in Iceland

    How American Art Historians and Archaeologists Use [Scandinavian] Materials